Black large golf umbrella windproof
Black large windproof golf umbrella open
Strong skeleton of the black large golf umbrella makes it windproof
Size and weight details of the windproof black large golf umbrella
material details of the black large golf umbrella

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Black Large Golf Umbrella

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Black large windproof golf umbrella — protect yourself from heavy rain and wind.

Black large golf umbrella has a comfortable handle, windproof design, and high-quality fabric


Windproof & stormproof — the 8 aluminum and fiberglass ribs, strong fiberglass shaft, and reinforced base hold wind up to 20m/s or 44mph.

Large canopy — the umbrella covers a whopping 60" or 152cm in diameter when open. It is enough to hide three to four adults from the storm and rain.

Comfortable handle — the 6.7" or 17cm handle is made of EVA material and shaped to perfectly fit in hand. The anti-sweat material is breathable and easy to grip.

High-quality fabric — the canopy is made of 210T high density pongee fabric with UPF 50+ rating. It offers complete protection from wind, sun, and rain. 

 Portable and easy to carry — the umbrella is slim and easy to move with despite its 43.7" or 111cm length. It comes with a travel bag with a shoulder strap and fits into a golf bag perfectly.

Reinforced windproof and stormproof design of the black large golf umbrella

The black large golf umbrella is windproof and made for stormy weather. It travels easily in your golf bag or on your shoulder with the convenient travel bag that comes with the umbrella. The handle is of optimal size and fits well in any man's hand. The umbrella has a strong 43.7" or 111cm skeleton that holds wind and rain well. Due to its 1.65lb or 750g lightweight, the large golf umbrella is easy to hold with a single hand even in strong wind.


 The umbrella is based on a three-layer enforced skeleton. It consists of 8 supportive aluminum ribs, 8 long fiberglass ribs, and 8 stong metal bones that, together, form durable protection against storm winds. The frame is connected to a reinforced fiberglass shaft with a sturdy metal spring. The umbrella is able to hold in extreme conditions and can survive wind speeds up to 44mph or 20m/s.

Comfortable and breathable handle of the large black golf umbrella


The black large golf umbrella is equipped with a 6.7" or 17cm handle. The handle is shaped to fit the hand perfectly. The material is breathable EVA that is comfortable to hold for longer periods because of its anti-sweat abilities. The handle has an integrated button to quickly open the umbrella when surprised with unexpected rainfall.

Display of the black large golf umbrella from different perspectives


Finally, the umbrella has an extra layer of 210T high-density pongee cloth on the top to prevent rain from puddling on top of the umbrella. The double canopy structure offers extensive protection and makes a windy and rainy storm feel like child's play. It is perfect for men who want to keep their focus on playing golf rather than focusing on the rain.

The black large golf umbrella is made for men who spend a lot of time playing golf and for infrequent golfers who prefer high-quality protection from the rain and wind. Cheap umbrellas break and deteriorate. A good golf umbrella is definitely worth investing in. With this masterpiece, you are able to smile in the eye of the storm while others struggle with their market umbrellas.