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Folding Leather Handle Rain Umbrella

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Folding leather handle rain umbrella for men — traditional & stylish English crook handle.

Folding leather handle rain umbrella selling points


 Comfortable & luxurious leather handle — the handle is made of 100% vegan leather with a polished finish. To complete the experience, the handle has a fully automatic open and close button.

Windproof design — the 10 fiberglass enforced aluminum ribs resist wind very well. Together with the tough aluminum shaft and reinforced base, the umbrella holds wind up to 15m/s or 33mph.

High-quality fabric — the canopy is made of two layers of 210T high density pongee fabric with UPF 50+ rating. It offers complete protection from wind, sun, and rain. 

 Compact and easy to carry — the umbrella folds nicely into a compact 13" x 2.35" or 33cm x 6cm size when closed. Furthermore, it comes with a convenient travel bag to keep your belongings dry.

Folding leather handle rain umbrella handle details

The folding leather handle rain umbrella is made for the modern gentleman. With a comfortable crook handle, made completely out of premium vegan leather, the umbrella is easy to operate. The skeleton of the umbrella is a mixture of aluminum and enforced fiberglass. This means that it only weighs 1lb or 450g and can withstand winds up to 33mph or 15m/s. When opened the umbrella covers an area of 41.3" or 105cm - typical for a classic English folding rain umbrella. There is a dedicated button to open and close the umbrella, but both actions can be completed manually, as well.


The handle of the umbrella is one of its most desired attributes. It is a crook handle made of high-quality vegan leather. To enhance the comfortability and grip, an extra layer of the vegan leather has been added to the handle. This forms a smooth, durable, and very realistic surface that feels amazing to the touch. The handle is completed with an easy-to-use button that enables the automatic open and close of the umbrella.


The umbrella is equipped with lasting elements. It comes with a premium high-density 210T pongee cloth that is specifically designed to be used in high-end umbrellas. It provides the folding leather handle rain umbrella with complete protection against rain and wind. The fabric also has a UPF 50+ mark, meaning it can also be used to successfully shield from the sun, if necessary.


Because the umbrella primarily offers a compact version of a classic English umbrella, its windproof skeleton is easily overlooked. The fabric of the umbrella is attached to 10 windproof ribs that are made of aluminum and enforced with fiberglass. These ribs are firmly connected to a metal shaft that secures the umbrella stays as steady as possible during windy weather. In testing, the umbrella survived winds up to 15m/s or 33mph.

If you are looking for a good umbrella to use with your daily activities, the folding leather handle rain umbrella is one of the best options on the market. Due to the gorgeous English crook handle, the umbrella is aesthetically timeless. 


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