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Blue Long Windproof Umbrella

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Blue long windproof umbrella — strong & classy protection from rain and wind.

Blue long windproof umbrella selling points


 Lasting premium fabric — the umbrella has a high-density 500T Teflon™ coated pongee fabric that is among the best materials available today. With a UPF 50+ rating, it offers complete protection from rain, sun, and wind.

Windproof design — the umbrella has a strong & lightweight glass fiber skeleton and 8 enforced ribs. Together, they are able to resist strong winds all the way up to 20m/s or 44mph.

Comfortable handle — the 5.9" or 15cm long handle is made of five thick layers of high-end vegan leather. It offers a steady & comfortable grip along with the looks of a top-tier umbrella handle.

 Durable & made to last — the umbrella has polished, chromed metal details at the end tip and on both ends of the handle. On top of being visually gorgeous, the parts were created to endure frequent and daily use. 

 Lightweight & easy to carry — despite the long 34.7" or 88cm body, the umbrella weighs only 1.45lb or 660g due to its glass fiber skeleton. A travel cover makes it convenient to store in a car or bag.

Blue long windproof umbrella display

The blue long windproof umbrella is designed to last. The 44.1" or 112cm wide umbrella has a strong fabric that offers complete protection from rain, wind, and sun. The skeleton is made of glass fiber with enforced storm-ready ribs. With a length of 34.7" or 88cm and a lightweight of 1.45lb or 660g, the long windproof umbrella offers portability and stability into a rainy day. To further enhance the reliability, the umbrella has a manual open and close function. Chromed metal details on the handle and end tip add the lifespan and durability of the umbrella.


The long windproof umbrella comes with a state of the art skeleton. It is made of lightweight glass fiber and a set of 8 flexible enforced ribs. The handle is built around the shaft to create a steady, non-shaking body. Without the additional complexity of automatic function, the manually operated umbrella is able to hold in storm winds all the way up to 44mph or 20m/s. Unless you are walking near a large tornado, the blue long windproof umbrella will keep you dry effortlessly.

Blue long windproof umbrella handle details


The blue long windproof umbrella comes equipped with an excellent 5.9" or 15cm long handle. It is made of five layers of high-grade vegan leather. The handle is medium hard in softness and feels smooth and sturdy. The polished and chromed details at each end of the handle add a classy touch. Furthermore, the handle is decorated with a matching wrist strap, which comes in handy during windy weather.

Blue long windproof umbrella end tip details


The fabric consists of two layers of 500T pongee cloth, coated with Teflon™ to further reinforce the stability and durability. The coating improves the water-resistance and, with UPF 50+ rating, the umbrella effectively protects from the sun, as well. In its essence, the long windproof umbrella protects you efficiently from rain, wind, sun, and storms.

The blue large windproof umbrella is made for men who need reliable and lasting protection from rain, sun, and wind. The stylish and ergonomic umbrella offers a great experience and leaves you worry-free when faced with bad weather.