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Small Umbrellas For Men

Men who travel and spend a lot of time on the move can benefit considerably from a small, compact travel umbrella. Small umbrellas are typically lightweight and have a canopy width smaller than 45" or 115cm. We have a well-made selection of small umbrellas for men, all of which provide extensive protection from rainfall, windy weather, and sun rays. If you are looking for compact & easily portable small umbrellas, you are in the right place.

We specialize in men's accessories, and we are determined to bring you the best value with affordable prices, top-of-the-notch quality, and quick & reliable service. Here you can find what you are looking for regardless of the umbrella type. Although our prices are among the most affordable on the market, the umbrellas are very durable and of premium quality. Furthermore, our long-time mission is to offer the best quality for the price.

The small umbrella collection includes a wide range of people's favorites, including windproof travel umbrellas, automatic small umbrellas, compact umbrellas with a wooden handle, and other classic small umbrellas for men. All of the umbrellas come with free worldwide shipping and delivery. Select your favorite style, and you are ready to go. Shop now!

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Men's small umbrellas

A small umbrella is definitely the best option for efficiency and portability. It doesn't require much space, fits neatly into any carry-on bag, and, if necessary, travels effortlessly in hand, as well. Ideally, a small umbrella should be able to handle even slightly heavier rain and wind without getting you soaked. It should also be lightweight, durable, and, ultimately, something you can rely on when a sudden rain comes out of nowhere.

Compact umbrella types

Not all small umbrellas are the same. Knowing the umbrella style that best accommodates your needs can help you choose the best umbrella for your needs.

Automatic small umbrellas for men

A small umbrella with an automatic function can offer that extra luxury to your life. The mechanic is easy; press a button to open the umbrella, press again to close. If you are tired of struggling to open and close your umbrella when rain surprises you, our automatic umbrellas operate quickly and effectively.

Small umbrellas with a wooden handle

An umbrella handle made of wood looks and feels premium. When it comes to umbrellas, a wooden handle is perhaps the best feeling grip available. Natural wood offers the most desirable handle for an umbrella, and it doesn't get slippery when wet, making it easy and comfortable to operate the umbrella.

Two-color umbrella

We also offer a few two-color small umbrellas for men who need that added extravagance in their life. Our small two-color umbrellas come with a black top and a colored canopy interior, ranging from grey to red and wine red.

The perfect small umbrella

We do our best to offer the biggest bang for the buck when it comes to small umbrellas. Every man should be able to rely on his small umbrella without worrying about it breaking down from the slightest wind. Our core values reflect the quality and design of our compact umbrellas, hopefully matching and exceeding your perception of the perfect umbrella.


Primarily, a small umbrella should be able to endure heavy rainfall and wind with ease. When it starts raining, most of us have to question whether our umbrellas can handle the weather or not. Durability should always be at the essence of a small umbrella design.


A small umbrella should also be quickly and easily portable. That means lightweight, compact size, and quick to operate. Although this should be the standard for small umbrellas, only a few companies successfully achieve true portability in their umbrellas.


It can be frustrating trying to open your umbrella in rainfall, only to find out it doesn't work. We believe the perfect small umbrella should operate reliably and effortlessly without making you question your life choices. An umbrella should always be something we don't need to think about, leaving room for the more important things in life.


Lastly, each man should be able to afford a top-quality umbrella. Too many brands want to maximize their profits and charge extra for their brand-name products, resulting in significantly higher than necessary prices. We want men all over the world to have access to long-lasting and easy-to-operate umbrellas.

A small umbrella for you

A compact and portable umbrella is an excellent choice for many reasons. Fundamentally, it's the most versatile umbrella style out of any other umbrella category. The small size enables you to save carry-on space, leaving room for other important belongings. And when it isn't needed, a small umbrella doesn't occupy much space from your closet, either.

Our selection of small umbrellas also open up to cover at least two persons. We believe a compact umbrella should be small and portable when closed and ample and durable when in use. You can't go wrong with a combination like that.

Small umbrella as a gift

When thinking about gifts, an umbrella is probably one of the last items that come to mind. However, it's a fact that most men don't own a proper umbrella. In fact, most men would actually require an umbrella but simply aren't aware of needing one. That's precisely why a compact and durable umbrella can be just what he lacks.

Every Classy Men Collection small umbrella comes with free shipping, worldwide delivery, and all taxes and VAT prepaid.