Ring Size Chart

Ring size measurements

When choosing the perfect ring size, it is important to know that all ring sizes are measured from the inside of the ring.

Ring size chart
Diameter (inside) Circumference (inside) Size
mm inch mm inch UK US
14.8 0.58 46.5 1.83 H 4
15.70 0.62 49.3 1.94 J 5
16.51 0.65 51.9 2.04 L 6
17.32 0.68 54.4 2.14 N 7
18.14 0.71 57.0 2.24 P 8
18.95 0.75 59.5 2.34 R 9
19.76 0.78 62.1 2.44 T 10
20.57 0.81 64.6 2.54 W 11
21.39 0.84 67.2 2.65 X 12
22.20 0.87 69.7 2.75 Z 13
23.01 0.91 72.3 2.85 Z2 14

Please carefully select the proper size for you. Sizes between different stores are not necessarily comparable with each other and so the sizes may vary. You should always check your ring size before buying it. To guarantee you get the right size, please view the chart above and recheck your size, even if it is in your knowledge before shopping with us.

How to measure your finger?

The best and the most accurate way to know your ring size is to measure the circumference of your finger. Here's how to do it at home:

  1. Cut a strip of paper or a piece of non-stretchy string.
  2. Wrap it around the base of your finger (not too tight, but just how you would like the ring to sit).
  3. Mark the point on it where it completes the circle.
  4. Measure the length of the string or paper with a ruler.
  5. Find out your ring size on our conversion chart above.

We aim to make choosing the right size for your ring as easy and as pleasant as possible. Find the size chart above that will guide you in finding the perfect ring size. If you are unsure of the right size, please send us your measurements and we'll help you with the decision.