Belt Size Chart

When trying to find the correct belt size, the common rule of thumb is to get a belt that is 15-25% longer than your waist size in circumference.

Belt size chart
Waist size Belt size
27-29 70-76 100cm
30-32 77-83 105cm
33-34 84-86 110cm
35-36 87-90 115cm
38-39 91-97 120cm
38-43 98-110 125cm
44-48 111-120 130cm

Please carefully select the proper size for you. Sizes between different stores are not necessarily comparable with each other and so the sizes may vary. You should always check your belt size before buying it. To guarantee you get the right size, please view the chart above and recheck your size, even if it is in your knowledge before shopping with us.

We aim to make choosing the right size for your belt as easy and as pleasant as possible. Find the size chart above that will guide you in finding the perfect belt size. If you are unsure of the right size, please send us your measurements and we'll help you with the decision.

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