Top 20 Popular Purple Ties Today

Most popular purple ties today

Purple ties are one of the most popular ties today. Purple ties are timeless, versatile, and elegant. Neckties come in many distinctive shades of purple, such as royal purple, violet, lilac, and lavender, making sure there is a perfect shade for any occasion.

Purple is recognized as the "color of the rich", referring to the times when a purple dye was so expensive that only royalty could afford it. Nowadays, even though the purple dye is not more expensive than other dyes, the correlation sticks, and many still consider purple as a highly luxurious color.

We have put together a list of the most popular purple ties to inspire you and help you find the perfect purple tie for you. Whether you're looking for an elegant dark purple business tie or an easy-going light purple tie for summer parties, our list has you covered.

Without further ado, let's get to it! 

1. Dark purple ties

Dark purple ties

On the left: Royal Purple Floral Silk Tie Set, €49.95 EUR.

On the right: Violet & Gold Floral Silk Tie Set, €43.95 EUR.

A dark purple tie is the number one on our list of the most popular purple ties. A dark purple tie is always a classy choice for any formal or business event. If you pay any attention to the outfits of high-authority businessmen in movies and TV, you will often find them wearing a dark purple silk tie.

A dark purple tie looks great with black, grey, and navy blue suits, as well as burgundy suits. Dark purple is associated with royalty and nobility more than light purple, and that is one of the reasons why dark purple is the most popular shade of purple when it comes to neckwear.

Wearing a dark purple tie makes you appear intellectual, powerful, and passionate. If you're looking for a tie to an important occasion, such as a business meeting or a cocktail event, where you want to come across as an elegant and confident person, a dark purple tie is a top choice. Remember to add a classy pair of cufflinks and a tie clip to finish off your look.

Black purple paisley silk tie

The sophisticated contrast between black and purple complements any of your evening outfits effortlessly. The light-reflecting finish on this silk tie gives it a highly luxurious look. Black & Purple Paisley Silk Tie Set, €54.95 EUR.

Dark purple grid check dot silk tie

A deep eggplant tone and a symmetric grid pattern please the eye. A silk tie like this is a superb accessory to any business meeting or on a regular day at the office. Eggplant Purple Grid Silk Necktie, €32.95 EUR

2. Light purple ties 

Light purple ties

On the left: Light Purple Paisley Silk Tie Set, €44.95 EUR.

On the right: Light Purple Noise Silk Tie Set, €37.95 EUR.

A light purple tie is a softer alternative to a dark purple tie. Not far behind dark purple ties in popularity, a light purple tie is a solid choice for any occasion. You can wear one at work and on casual occasions, as well as at formal events and parties.

Where a dark purple tie can make you seem confident and even a bit intimidating, a light purple tie shows you are kind, easy to approach, and emotionally intelligent. Even though both are shades of purple, they can give away a completely different impression. A good rule of thumb is to wear lighter colors during the day and warm months, and darker colors in the evening, at night, and during colder months.

If you're looking for a tie to wear at the office, a light purple tie is a solid choice. Just choose the right shade and pattern to complement your style, and you're good to go!

Pastel Lilac Lavender Paisley Silk Tie

A stunning pastel purple paisley tie that combines lilac, light blue, and gold tones. An intriguing tie like this is an elegant option for all summer events ahead. Pastel Lilac Paisley Silk Tie Set, €52.95 EUR

Light Purple Striped Silk Tie

If striped ties are in your favor, this light purple tie is a winner. A harmonic blend of purple-toned stripes makes this tie a simplistic yet interesting piece. It's a solid work tie for any day at the office. Purple Striped Silk Necktie, €24.95 EUR

3. Violet ties

Violet Ties For Men

On the left: Violet Hexagon Silk Tie Set, €43.95 EUR.

On the right: Violet Floral Silk Tie Set, €42.95 EUR.

A violet tie is a great option for a man who prefers his purple tone to lean into blues more than reds. In common usage, violet and purple mean the same thing. Many don't know the difference between the two colors, and just call all purple shades violet or vice versa. However, there is a difference between the two colors. Both hues are between blue and red, with violet closer to blue and purple closer to red. 

Violet and purple are beautiful colors, both associated with wealth and royalty. You just need to decide which one you like the best. And, if you can't decide, it is, of course, acceptable to own a tie or two in both colors. However, it is worth understanding that a violet tie compliments a man whose complexion has cool undertones better than a purple tie.

If you want to be specific or you know exactly what hue of purple you are looking for, knowing the name of the correct shade makes it easier for you to find what you're looking for. The options below are great every-day ties if you prefer violet over purple.

Violet Striped Tie

A deep violet tie like this is a good, affordable standard tie for any occasion. The solid color is complemented with a subtle striped pattern. Classic Violet Striped Necktie, €17.95 EUR

Violet Skinny Tie

Blue background with a light pink abstract pattern creates a violet overall color for this skinny tie. The sophisticated color and symmetric foulard pattern will uplift your formal looks effortlessly. Violet Foulard Skinny Necktie, €18.95 EUR

4. Lilac ties

Lilac Ties

On the left: Grey & Lilac Floral Silk Necktie, €33.95 EUR.

On the right: Lilac Purple Paisley Silk Tie Set, €41.95 EUR.

A lilac tie is a common sight in the business world. Lilac is a shade in the lighter scope of purple shades. It is a soft and joyful color, creating a positive atmosphere that spreads to everyone around you.

A lilac tie will make you look friendly and youthful. This is a tie color you'll want to wear whenever you're in the position to gain someone's trust. If by your leadership you want to show you are easy to approach and you want to encourage people to be open and honest with you, a lilac tie should be a part of your arsenal.

If you like the lilac color but only in moderate amounts, a tie like the one above in the left is a great choice. The tie has a conservative grey base with silver and lilac details. A tie like that is a great way to incorporate a splash of color to your attire without any risk of being too loud.

Pastel Lilac Striped Tie

A lilac tie with pink and lavender stripes. The different pastel colors complement each other and give your attire a mellow vibe. Pastel Lilac Striped Necktie, €17.95 EUR

Lilac Square Knit Tie

Looking for something not-so-traditional? This lilac knitted tie with a square shape is a creative way to top off your look. Lilac Square Knit Tie, €24.95 EUR.

5. Lavender ties

Lavender Ties

On the left: Plain Lavender Silk Tie Set, €39.95 EUR.

On the right: Lavender Tartan Silk Tie Set, €39.95 EUR.

A lavender tie is the favorite of many men. Lavender color is a light purple shade and very close to lilac, which is why many can't tell lilac and lavender apart. The difference between lilac and lavender is, that lilac has a stronger red undertone whereas lavender has a blue undertone.

A man that wears a lavender tie is perceived as a gentle and intelligent person. Lavender is a calming color that promotes tranquility and thoughtfulness. It's a soft color that looks good on all occasions from business to leisure. Wearing a lavender tie can be a great way to relax your surroundings, for example, if things are a little tense at your workplace.

Lavender is a lighter version of violet, so it will look better on cool undertones than warm ones. It is just a subtle detail, but an important one if you want to truly master your tie game. So, stick with purple and lilac if you have warm skin undertones, and wear violet and lavender if you have cool skin undertones.

Grey Lavender Striped Silk Tie

A grey silk tie complemented with lavender stripes. It's a business favorite and looks great with any formal look, day or night. Grey & Lavender Striped Silk Necktie, €25.95 EUR

Lavender Check Blue Gradient Silk Tie

A fancy option for a man who is not afraid to stand out, this lavender tie is a great way to make your attire interesting. The unique design combines lavender checks overlaid on a blue gradient background. Lavender Check & Blue Gradient Silk Necktie, €28.95 EUR.

6. Purple paisley ties

Purple paisley ties

On the left: Purple & White Paisley Silk Tie Set, €47.95 EUR.

On the right: Purple Colorful Paisley Silk Tie Set, €39.95 EUR.

A purple paisley tie is one of the most popular purple tie styles right now. There is something about the combination of luxurious purple and intricate paisley pattern. The two aspects are elegant by themselves, but when combined, the result is hard to beat. Wearing a purple paisley tie makes you seem like a classy, powerful, and smart man who knows how to look their best.

A paisley tie is a safe tie choice because the pattern is never awkwardly close to the pattern of your suit or shirt (possible to happen with checkered or striped ties, for example). Depending on the style of the pattern and the saturation of the colors, a paisley tie can be either subdued or blatant. How many colors the tie has and the contrast between the colors defines if the tie is sophisticated or too loud.

In a work environment, a good rule to live by is to have a maximum of two or three colors on your tie. More than that, the tie might be too flashy and drain attention in a bad way. However, on occasions where you don't have to look so conservative, a colorful paisley tie, like the one above in the right, can be the perfect complimentary accessory to top off your look.

Purple gold paisley silk tie

Royal purple and gold are an unbeatable combination often worn by the elite and wealthy men. This silk tie, embossed with a detailed purple and gold paisley pattern, will take your suit game to a whole new level. Purple & Gold Paisley Silk Necktie, €29.95 EUR

Purple Simple Paisley Tie

This necktie has a purple paisley pattern over a light background. If a simple paisley tie in purple color is what you're looking for, this silk tie is a great choice. Simple Purple Paisley Silk Necktie, €28.95 EUR

7. Purple floral ties

Purple Floral Ties

On the left: Purple & Orange Floral Silk Necktie, €35.95 EUR.

On the right: Purple & Yellow Peony Flower Silk Necktie, €34.95 EUR.

A purple floral tie is a trendy accessory. Whether you like large flowers that catch the eye or small intricate floral pattern, a purple floral necktie is always an elegant choice. The popularity of purple floral ties peak in the spring and summertime, but that doesn't mean that you can't wear one any time of the year. A purple floral tie on your neck makes you appear happy, bold, creative, and confident, and who doesn't want that.

Purple floral ties are not what you see shy and self-conscious men wear. To pull a purple floral tie off, you need to have confidence. And if you have enough confidence to pull it off, it will work in your favor and make you look even more confident. This is why you don't see many men wearing a purple tie with a bold floral pattern, but when you do, the man seems to be the most fearless and self-assured individual in the world.

The lower the color contrast, the more restrained the tie will look. And the more restrained the tie, generally speaking, the more suitable it is for strict business events. Keep this in mind when choosing a tie and save the most colorful options for casual occasions.

Purple Blue Pink Floral Peacock Silk Tie

The stunning, unique pattern is inspired by the beauty of flowers and peacock feathers. The tie, composed of a charming mix of purple, blue, and pink, is designed for a man who is playful and likes to experiment with unusual colors and patterns. Purple, Blue & Pink Floral Silk Tie Set, €53.95 EUR.

Purple Floral Silk Tie

A more subdued look is acquired with smaller flowers in different purple shades. If you're looking for a purple floral tie to wear on business occasions, a muted floral tie like this is a better choice than the ones above. Purple Floral Silk Necktie, €35.95 EUR

8. Purple striped ties

Purple Striped Ties

On the left: Purple Striped Silk Tie Set, €45.95 EUR.

On the right: Lavender & White Striped Silk Tie Set, €36.95 EUR.

A purple striped tie is a traditional choice for all purposes. A purple striped tie is not as bland as a solid tie but not as ornate as a paisley or floral tie. Stripes are usually among the first tie patterns a man experiments with since striped ties are a safe and secure choice for any man, on any occasion.

Purple striped ties are always popular, year after year. You can see purple striped ties frequently in the business world as well as on more casual occasions. There are not many situations where a purple striped tie isn't acceptable, at least if the color combination isn't too gaudy. You can dress your purple tie up or down with accessories, such as a pocket square, cufflinks, tie clip, and a lapel pin.

Wearing a purple striped tie makes you look like a man who values traditions, education, knowledge, and hard work. It gives off the impression that once you put your mind into something, you are going to do everything you can to finish it with pride. That can make people rely on you more and think positively about your work ethic.

Purple Striped Silk Tie

Simple and elegant, this silk tie has stripes in multiple purple shades. The combination is universally pleasing to the eye, making this classic purple striped tie a must-have. Purple Striped Silk Necktie, €32.95 EUR.

Blue Purple White Striped Silk Tie

Simple but not at all boring, this purple striped necktie will be your best companion for work and leisure. The versatile design makes sure it fits most occasions like a charm. Navy & Purple Striped Silk Necktie, €32.95 EUR.

9. Purple check ties

Purple Check Ties

On the left: Violet & Green Tartan Check Silk Tie Set, €35.95 EUR.

On the right: Purple Paisley Check Silk Tie Set, €38.95 EUR.

A purple check tie is a common sight in the business world. The design is a medley of crossing lines in different or identical widths, creating a checked pattern. A check pattern is often meant to be flamboyant and loud, and that's why the pattern is emphasized with complementary colors and strong contrasts. Because of the large pattern and strong contrast, wearing a check tie is a great way to break up a flat look.

There are many distinctive check patterns, with the most common being tartan, glen check, plaid, and gingham. You can choose a tie with neutral tones or saturated colors. Both can look amazing, with the most colorful ones fitting casual occasions better than formal and business ones.

Wear a check tie with a solid color suit and dress shirt and your outfit looks put together and elegant. The only thing you need to remember when wearing a checkered tie is that in no circumstance wear it with a checkered suit or shirt. Different check patterns seldomly look good together and will only make your attire messy and disorganized.

Purple Pink Check Silk Tie

Deep violet base with pink, white, and black crossing striped, this tartan check tie is a remarkable accessory for casual occasions and work environment. Woven of high-grade Jacquard silk, the hand feel is soft and luxurious. Deep Violet Check Silk Necktie, €35.95 EUR

Black Purple Check Silk Tie

The muted contrast between black and purple make this tie a great option for work. Just make sure your shirt and suit are solid color, and you are good to go. Black & Purple Check Silk Tie Set, €34.95 EUR.

9. Purple skinny ties

Purple Skinny Ties

On the left: Grey & Plum Cotton Skinny Necktie, €25.95 EUR.

On the right: Purple Luxury Skinny Silk Necktie, €36.95 EUR.

A purple skinny tie is the last, but not least item on our list. Currently, there is a better variety of designs for regular ties, simply because more men wear regular ties than skinny ties. Luckily, that doesn't mean you can't find any cool purple skinny tie designs online.

Purple skinny ties are popular among men who prefer a narrow tie over a regular one. If your physique is on the skinnier side, a skinny tie will most likely suit you better than a regular one. Skinny ties require a smaller shirt collar and a narrower lapel than regular ties. 

Purple skinny ties come in all shades, patterns, and designs. We have picked a couple of good options here if a purple skinny tie is what you're looking for.

Purple Skinny Tie

This purple skinny tie reflects light beautifully, giving the simple design a lustrous finish. The wallet-friendly skinny tie is made of durable polyester, keeping creases away and requiring little to no maintenance. Purple Skinny Necktie, €16.95 EUR.

Black Purple Check Skinny Tie

A black base complimented with purple checks. The fabric, made of 100% Jacquard silk, is pleasant and soft, making the tie feel like a premium, high-end necktie. Black & Purple Check Skinny Silk Necktie, €26.95 EUR.


The list of the most popular purple neckties has come to an end. We hope you now have a better vision of what kind of purple ties and designs are the most popular among men right now. If you're looking to upgrade your tie collection, don't forget to visit our Necktie Collection for a wide variety of styles, colors, and designs.

Thank you for reading!

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