Refund Policy

We have a 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee. It is our mission to keep our customers happy. 


365 days full return policy

At Classy Men Collection, we only sell products that have gone through careful testing and selection process for overall quality. To complete the excellent experience, we offer a full 365 days to return your product.

We work hard to be as environmentally friendly as possible. That's why we also offer an amazing refund policy for all orders. If you want to avoid unnecessary emissions of return shipping, scroll down to "refunds" to find more details about it.

We accept all returns within 365 days of the order placement date, regardless of the reasons behind the return. You can return any product as long as the item has not been used, is in the same condition as upon arrival, and all original packaging is intact.

To return the item(s), contact us at within 30 days of receiving the item(s) and let us know the order number, item name(s), and the reason for the return. We will then provide you with the address and necessary details about returning the item(s) to us.

We require a working tracking number for all returned packages. Once the tracking number shows that the package is delivered to us and we have verified the condition of the item(s), we will issue a refund for the returned item(s).

All returns are processed individually and go through verification. After we have received your return, the returned items will be refunded either in cash or credit.

If an order is declined by the receiver at the time of delivery and gets returned to our warehouse, a refund will not be issued.

The customer is responsible for the safe return of the product. Also, the customer is responsible for all shipping, handling, and packaging costs of the returned item(s).


Top-tier refund policy

Everything in our warehouse goes through strict quality control. We stand behind the quality of all our products. This is why all orders come with a full 365 days return policy, as well as an extensive refund policy.

We refund all items that don't fit the description or are defective/damaged upon arrival. Also, all items that are not delivered within 60 days of the shipment are automatically qualified for a refund if the shipping address you provided us was correct and complete.

If you have any problems with your order, please contact us at

  1. If you received a broken/faulty/wrong item, include a photo of the defect/product, your order number, and a short explanation of the issue in your email.
  2. In case you haven't received your order and want a refund, only include your order number and a short explanation of the situation in your email.

Depending on the severity of the issue, our team will investigate the problem and offer you one or more of the following refund options:

  • Full cash refund
  • Full refund in store credit
  • Partial cash refund
  • Partial refund in store credit
  • Return of the item in exchange for a full cash refund
  • Return of the item in exchange for store credit
  • Return of the item in exchange for a new identical item
  • Resending a new identical item free of charge

All refund requests are processed within 5 business days.

Canceling an order

Our goal is to process and ship orders quickly. Once you have received your confirmation email, the order has already been sent for processing and cannot be adjusted or canceled.

Problems with received items

If you are not happy with the products you have received, contact us at, and we will help resolve any issues.

If you received a broken/faulty/wrong item, include a photo of the defect/product, your order number, and a short explanation of the issue in your email.

Haven't received items within the estimated delivery time

If you have not received your order within the estimated delivery time for your country, send us an email, and we will help resolve any issues. Find the estimated delivery time for your country here. However, all items not received within 60 days from shipping will be fully refunded.

In case you haven't received your order within 60 days, send an email at and include your order number and a short explanation of the situation.

Please note that providing us with all the necessary information for shipping and delivering the order is always the responsibility of the customer. If the order cannot be delivered due to an incorrect address, the order cannot be refunded or resent.

Sometimes, the carrier or postal company may leave the package for the recipient to pick up from their nearest facility. The package will be available for pick up for a while, and if it isn't collected, it gets returned. If you haven't collected your package in time and it gets returned, please send us an email, and we will resend it to you again. If you still don't pick up the package and it gets returned again, a refund won't be issued.

Customs, Duties, Taxes & Fees

Taxes and VAT are included in the prices when ordering from the United States, European Union, Norway, Switzerland, Iceland, United Kingdom, Ukraine, Australia, Canada, South America, Asia, Africa, and Mexico.

Any additional charges, taxes, or brokerage fees by your local government are the responsibility of the recipient.

Keep in mind that there is a small chance that you will get charged VAT or duties; however, if you do get charged, we cannot be responsible for these fees in any way, as we do not receive any of this money. The funds go exclusively to your government. The last thing we would want is for our customers to be charged extra. Since duties and taxes vary by country and by what was ordered, we are not able to supply an estimated cost. Please contact your customs office for more information.

Shipping & handling fees, administration fees, and taxes (50% of the total order value before discounts) will not be refunded for packages that are refused due to VAT/duties.

If your situation wasn't mentioned in our refund policy, make sure to send us an email at, and we will help you resolve it as soon as possible!