"Classy Man of the Month"

Monthly contest

We are hosting a monthly "Classy Man of the Month" contest which includes all of our customers. Every month we will select three best pictures that include our products from Instagram under the hashtag #classymencollection. The winner will get his picture on our store's front page with a direct link to their Instagram profile for one month and 100€ credit to our store. 
1st Prize = 100€ credit to our store + picture to our store's front page
2nd Prize = 40€ credit to our store
3rd Prize = 10€ credit to our store 


Post a picture (as many as you like) that includes our products under the hashtag #classymencollection 
  • Three pictures will be selected
  • Pictures must include our products
  • You can participate with as many pictures as you like
  • Contest will take place every month
  • Winners (1,2,3) will be announced during the first week of the next month and contacted directly


January 2018:                1.@danstone8703                   2.@frshprnc_                  3.@bjerneskar

December 2017:            1.@paulo_solic            2.@tre_travisssstyles_porter            3.@quentinmrb

November 2017:            1.@zed.ay.ay                   2.@y3sac                       3.@andyland55

October 2017:                1.@_collin.sam                2.@marc.gamboa         3.@danielepidala

September 2017:          1.@julian__official           2.@nicoschmid5          3.@jose_solivares



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