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Classy Men Black Multilayer Leather Bracelet

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Magnetic multilayer leather bracelet.

Very clean and affordable bracelet choice. The versatility of leather bracelets is well known and will definitely upgrade your style. The magnetic clasp will firmly keep the bracelet on your wrist. The three layers of leather will look explicitly great. Fits perfectly with casual and smart casual styles. The total length of the bracelet is 60mm (2.36 inches) and will wrap around your wrist for a final 20mm (0.79 inches) in circumference.

  • Anti-allergic
  • Full length: 60mm (2.36 in)
  • Length on wrist: 20mm (0.79 in)
  • Metal: Stainless steel
  • Rope material: PU Leather
  • Weight: 5g (0.17 oz)
  • Color: Black



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