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Black & Wine Red Strong Wooden Umbrella

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Black & wine red strong wooden umbrella — reinforced windproof design with a classic handle.

Black & wine red strong wooden umbrella selling points


Windproof & stormproof — the 8 fiberglass enforced aluminum ribs are windproof and designed for stormy weather. Together with the strong aluminum shaft and reinforced base, the umbrella holds wind up to 20m/s or 44mph.

 Premium wooden handle — the 5.5" or 14cm handle is made of natural lacquered chestnut wood. The wood handle is durable, timeless, and comfortable to hold.

 Timeless slide-to-open button — the umbrella operates semi-automatically with a beautiful slide-to-open button. It is one of the most reliable umbrella mechanisms available today.

High-quality fabric — the textile material is made of 280T high-density pongee cloth with a water-repelling coating. It offers a luxurious feel on top of comprehensive protection from sun, rain, and storm winds. 

Black & wine red strong wooden umbrella displayed from different perspectives

The black & wine red strong wooden umbrella is everything a gentleman needs. It offers a comfortable chestnut wood handle with a unique slide-to-open button mechanism. Once opened, the umbrella extends into a 47.5" or 120cm wide shelter with the capacity to accommodate two to three persons underneath. Thanks to its stormproof reinforced skeleton & high-density fabric, a sudden storm is not a match for the strong wooden umbrella. Once the rain & wind passes, the umbrella can be dried easily with one shake.


The two-color black & wine red strong wooden umbrella offers one of the best user experiences out of all umbrellas online. One of the key reasons for this is the carefully designed storm- and windproof skeleton of the umbrella. Unlike most eight-ribbed umbrellas, the strong wooden umbrella has an additional 8 fiber ribs to support it during heavy wind. Essentially, the umbrella has 8 standard aluminum ribs, 8 reinforced fiber ribs, and 8 smaller supportive ribs. Together with the stainless aluminum fiber shaft, the umbrella can hold heavy winds up to 44mph or 20m/s.

Windproof reinforced skeleton of the black & wine red strong wooden umbrella


The optimal look for a gentleman's umbrella is a natural wood handle. This strong umbrella comes equipped with a highly polished, lacquered chestnut wood handle. The handle and button have a combined length of 5.5" or 14cm, which is ideal for most men. The handle feels sturdy and is easy & comfortable to grip. To complete the luxurious experience, the umbrella has a unique semi-automatic slide-to-open button. The mechanism is very reliable and suited for the modern gentleman.

Chestnut wood handle of the black & wine red strong wooden umbrella


The only suitable addition to the strong wooden umbrella is a professional class fabric. It has a 280T pongee fabric canopy with a water-repelling coating. The fabric has a UPF 50+ qualification and offers extensive protection from wind, sun, and rain. Because of the high-density fabric, the umbrella can be used to protect yourself from the sun during summer and from heavy rain during stormy weather.

The two-color black & wine red strong wooden umbrella offers everything a modern gentleman needs. Whether you are looking for a durable umbrella to shield you from the wind and rain, or a reliable companion to store in your car in case of a sudden storm, the strong wooden umbrella is the ideal choice. If you need a long-lasting umbrella with luxurious elements, this is the best choice.