Macau - Classy Men Collection
Macau - Classy Men Collection


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Macau. Everything you want from a bracelet and more. 

Macau is a spectacular beauty that has been designed and handcrafted with the looks and practicality in mind. Glorious platinum plating and carefully selected semi-precious stones create a combination that looks extremely luxurious. Adjustable macrame band ensures that the size is perfect for your wrist. Rubber details keeps your watch and other bracelets safe from unwanted scratches and damage. 

  • 1 Year Warranty 
  • Materials: Platinum plated copper & semi-precious stones 
  • Width of the bar: 50mm 
  • Length: Adjustable, 150-250mm 
  • Best practices for maintenance: Keep the bracelet dry and avoid scratching it with hard objects 



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