Stainless Steel Skull Pendant Necklace
Man holding the stainless steel skull pendant necklace
Detailed image of the stainless steel skull pendant necklace

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Classy Men Stainless Steel Skull Pendant Necklace

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A stainless steel skull pendant necklace. 

If you're looking for a masculine, everyday skull necklace, look no further. This stainless steel pendant necklace features a skull pendant and a sturdy 3mm wide, 61cm long box chain. The necklace weighs 26g, giving it a nice and valuable feel. Wear it with any outfit for added edge. 

Everybody recognizes the skull symbol, and often relate it to biker groups and other hardcore guys. A skull has many meanings, the most obvious being death, and mortality. However, a long time ago, skulls were used to protect villages from possible enemies, giving it a symbolism of protection. Also, Death, the grim reaper, is always wiser than humans, knowing when they die and how they die. This gives the skull the symbolism of divine wisdom that is beyond humans. Many wear skull symbols to remind them of their mortality and that every moment should be cherished, not taken for granted. 

The skull pendant and the box chain are made of high-grade stainless steel. Stainless steel is one of the most popular materials for men's jewelry for a good reason. Stainless steel is anti-allergic and doesn't irritate the skin. It doesn't corrode, tarnish, or oxidize, and it resists water very well. Stainless steel jewelry requires minimal maintenance and is known to look like new after years of use. Stainless steel jewelry also makes a perfect gift because it's long-lasting, anti-allergic, and anyone can wear it comfortably. 

A 3mm (0.12") wide, 61cm (24") long box chain is included, but if you fancy a longer or shorter chain, we highly recommend changing it to one from our chain collection

  • Anti-allergic 
  • Water-resistant - doesn't lose color 
  • Pendant size: 40mm x 20mm / 1.6" x 0.8" 
  • Material: 316L Stainless Steel 
  • Weight: 26g 
  • Chain included: 61cm / 24" long, 3mm / 0.12" wide box chain 

Necklace chain length chart