Thor's hammer pendant hanging on leather necklace
Classy Men Thor's Hammer Pendant Leather Necklace
Classy Men Thor's Hammer Pendant Leather Necklace

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Classy Men Thor's Hammer Pendant Leather Necklace

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Thor's hammer pendant leather necklace.

A silver Thor's hammer pendant with a black leather necklace. Thor, the god of thunder, is known from Norse mythology as the strongest god of all. He lives in Midgard and his task is to protect the gods and mankind from all danger. In mythology, Thor is known for the fierce red hair and beard. In the 21st century, Thor is also known as a movie character from Marvel's Thor movie series and the avengers.

Thor's hammer - known by the name Mjölnir - is featured in both the Norse mythology and the movies. It's Thor's weapon he uses to defeat all evil, bad, and enemies. The hammer gives its holder great power. Only the worthy can pick up Thor's hammer Mjölnir. The hammer won't move if someone not worthy tries to pick it up.

Thor's hammer Mjölnir has a strong symbolic meaning with roots deep in mythology. It symbolizes authority, protection, power, justice, perspective, and the truth. The hammer is also referred to as the most valued treasure of the gods because of its purpose - protection of the gods and mankind. Due to its symbolism, Thor's hammer jewelry is often used as protective amulets. Furthermore, the pendant also makes a great fashion statement piece.

The simple design allows the best elements of the necklace to shine. The pendant is made of high-quality metal alloy and is very durable. If you are looking for a mythical pendant with meaningful design and a strong appearance, this silver Thor's hammer pendant is definitely for you. It's also a great gift idea for men who can identify with the symbolism of the necklace.

The Thor's hammer necklace can be worn with casual, smart-casual, and formal outfits. It was made for daily wearing and can endure even the heaviest use with ease. The package includes the pendant and its matching black leather chain. If you are looking for a specific chain to go with the pendant, make sure to check out our mens chains.

  • Anti-allergic
  • Comfortable design
  • Size: 45mm (length) x 32mm (width) / 1.77" (length) x 1.26" (width)
  • Material: Metal alloy
  • Color: Silver
  • Weight: 26.1g 
  • Chain included: 46cm / 18" long, 2mm / 0.08" wide leather chain

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