Black wolf charm pendant hanging on a beaded chain necklace
Classy Men Wolf Charm Pendant Necklace
Classy Men Wolf Charm Pendant Necklace

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Classy Men Wolf Charm Pendant Necklace

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Black wolf charm pendant necklace for men.

This black wolf pendant is fit for a leader. The charm necklace features a dog tag pendant with a howling wolf on it. Wolves live in packs and are closely related to dogs and coyotes. Humans started domesticating animals with the grey wolf over 15,000 years ago. All dog species that exist today can have their ancient roots traced back to the grey wolf. Throughout history, humans have feared, respected, loved, hated, and admired wolves.

Wolves have made their mark on earth and are often used in jewelry as a symbol. They symbolize leadership, loyalty, confidence, spiritual dedication, cooperation, and protective tendencies. Wolves are known for the strong hierarchy within their packs. All packs are lead by the alpha wolf. They all form a strong emotional connection with each other and do nearly everything together from hunting to sleeping and protecting the pack. It is up to the alpha wolf to guide the pack and help them move in the right direction.

The simple design of the pendant brings out the best elements of the howling wolf. The pendant is made of high-quality 316L stainless steel for the best durability and shine. It is resistive to water, corrosion, and general wear and tear. The chain is made of natural beads and string to hold the necklace together firmly. Wolf necklaces are commonly used as lucky charms and protective spiritual amulets. If you are looking for a long-lasting pendant with a beautiful design and a strong meaning, this black wolf charm pendant is definitely for you.

The wolf necklace can be worn with casual, smart-casual, and formal outfits. The package includes the pendant and a matching bead chain. The necklace is 66cm / 26" in length and the beads are 6mm / 0.24" thick.

  • Anti-allergic
  • Water-resistant - doesn't lose color
  • Size: 50mm (length) x 40mm (width) / 1.97" (length) x 1.57" (width)
  • Material: 316L Stainless steel & natural beads
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 77g 
  • Chain included: 66cm / 26" - 6mm / 0.24" bead chain

Necklace chain length chart