Top 20 Popular Gold Ties For Men Today

Most popular gold ties for men

Men's gold ties are getting more and more popular every day. Since an increasing number of employers require their employees to wear a suit and tie, it is harder to stand out from the crowd with your style. Of course, you can go and buy a collection of suits in different colors, patterns, and materials, but it doesn't take long to understand that not all are willing to spend all their salary on expensive suits. A lot easier and cheaper option, that will also save you a great amount of storage space, is tweaking your look with ties. A good, high-quality silk tie will cost you around 30-50$ if you know where to look. Always choose a silk tie over a polyester one if you're looking for a long-lasting and sumptuous look and feel.

Gold is not the most casual color of all. However, if you want to look extra dapper for work or you have a special occasion, like a party or a wedding ahead, a gold tie is a magnificent choice. If you are unsure of how to style your gold tie or what to wear it with, Lookastic has put up a great visual guide on how to wear a gold tie

To help you choose the perfect gold tie for you, we'll go over 20 different gold tie styles, with example pictures of each. Whether you're looking for a full gold tie or a tie with gold details, our list has you covered. All of our picks are made of high-quality silk and cost 30-50$, and some of them even come with a matching pocket square and cufflinks. 

Without further ado, let's get to it! 

1. Gold tie 

Gold silk tie for men

A gold tie will make your attire elegant and luxurious. Gold ties are in high demand among trendy men. The tie above is a great choice if you're looking for a tie with a natural gold tone. Complimented with a subtle floral pattern, this tie is an elegant choice for special occasions. Made of 100% Jacquard Silk, the tie feels soft and extremely pleasant to wear. The set includes a matching tie, pocket square, and cufflinks. Gold silk tie with subtle flower pattern, €41.95 EUR.

2. Rose gold tie

Rose gold silk tie for men

Rose gold has a soft, red or pink tone, and some prefer it over regular gold tones. Rose gold is a fresh option if you like gold but want something more unique. Rose gold symbolizes wealth and gives your attire a luxurious tone. The light-reflecting finish complements the soft rose gold color of this tie. The tie comes with a matching pocket square and cufflinks. Rose gold silk tie, €41.95 EUR.

3. Black and gold tie

Black and gold silk tie for men

Black and gold is a classic combination appreciated by tasteful people. The two colors create a powerful contrast that is elegant and not too flashy. This is the combination you'll want to wear if you're looking for something that catches the eye while making you look like royalty. This tie has bold gold flowers on a black subtly striped background. The tie comes with a matching pocket square and cufflinks. Black and gold floral silk tie, €41.95 EUR.

4. Gold floral tie

Gold floral silk tie for men

A gold floral pattern is an optimal choice if you are looking for a tie to soften your attire. You can choose a full gold tie with a floral pattern or one that plays with different patterns and colors from the gold scheme. Even though there are many different shades on this tie, they are all in perfect harmony, leaving the overall color as soft gold. The tie comes with a matching pocket square. Gold striped floral silk tie, €34.95 EUR.

5. Champagne gold tie

Champagne gold silk tie for men

Champagne gold is another example of a gold shade that is soft and pleasant to the eye. Wearing a champagne gold tie shows you are happy, charming, and enjoy the fine things in life. To complement the soft champagne color, this tie is made of the softest 100% Jacquard Silk with a light-reflecting finish. Choose a champagne gold tie like this to a party and your look is perfect. The tie comes with a matching pocket square and cufflinks. Champagne gold silk tie, €41.95 EUR.

6. Gold tie for wedding

Gold silk tie for wedding

Weddings are where you want to look sophisticated yet festive. This is the time to wear the ties you're always questioning if they are too extra for a day at the office. Remember to respect the bride and the groom by leaving all neon-colored novelty ties home and taking any possible dress code into account. If there is no specific dress code and you'll want to be perfectly accessorized for the occasion, a shimmering, luxurious, gold and silver tie like this is a superb choice. Gold and silver skinny silk tie, €36.95 EUR.

7. Gold luxury tie

Gold luxury tie for men

If a rich look is what you're going for, there are more things to consider than just the color of the tie. What you'll have to think about is the material, pattern, and width as well. The tie above has it all - a natural gold-tone, silky-smooth hand feel, generous 3.3" width and a luxurious pattern. This is a tie that looks like a 300$ piece with just a fraction of the price. The tie comes with a matching pocket square and cufflinks. Gold luxury circle pattern silk tie, €41.95 EUR.

8. Yellow gold tie

Yellow gold silk tie for men

Looking for a gold tie with an energetic and bright tone? Choose a yellow gold tie. The tie above is just the right vivid color that you choose when you want a more saturated color instead of the sometimes dull gold hue. The yellow gold color makes its wearer radiate positivity and joy. Choose it if you want to energize and motivate yourself and the people around you. The tie comes with a matching pocket square and cufflinks. Yellow gold striped silk tie, €41.95 EUR.

9. Blue and gold tie

Blue and gold silk tie for men

When it comes to gold neckties with a complementing color, blue is arguably the most popular choice. I mean, look at the stunning piece above! Blue symbolizes freedom, peace, and harmony. The gold, shimmery grid combined with the sky blue background creates a look like no other. This tie makes you stand out in a good way. Sophisticated and interesting, this tie will be your best companion on business meetings and formal gatherings. Blue and gold silk tie, €33.95 EUR.

10. Navy and gold tie

Navy blue and gold silk tie for men

It's hard to find a more classic tie design than a navy blue tie with regimental gold stripes. If classic is what you're going for with your style, a navy and gold tie like this is a must-have. The design is very mellow with a dash of luxurious gold. It's the perfect tie for a business meeting or a day at the office and will make you look like a gentleman who knows how to look classy. Navy and gold striped silk tie, €32.95 EUR.

11. Solid gold tie

Solid gold silk tie for men

This tie is a top choice for a man who wants others to associate him with solid gold. The 24K gold color and the beautiful grain pattern create a sumptuous look that makes anyone look like a billionaire. Compliment with a gold bracelet and a gold ring for a complete look. The tie comes with a matching pocket square and cufflinks. Gold grain pattern silk tie, €41.95 EUR.

12. Red and gold tie

Red and gold silk tie for men

Not afraid to stand out? This red and gold design tie is made for you. Red is known as a powerful color that makes its wearer look confident, bold, and in some cases, even a little intimidating. Wear a red and gold tie like this whenever you want to boost your strength and authority. This tie is made of exquisite Jacquard Silk and has a light-reflecting finish. If boring ties are your thing, don't bother to buy this one. Red and gold design silk tie, €29.95 EUR.

13. Burgundy and gold tie

Burgundy and gold silk tie for men

Burgundy is the equivalent of navy blue, except in a red hue. If you like red but want to go with a more modest option, a burgundy tie is your choice. A burgundy tie is a timeless and classy choice for any occasion. This burgundy tie is adorned with gold mini dots, giving the tie a subtle yet important grain of luxury. Burgundy silk tie with gold dots, €32.95 EUR.

14. Gold paisley tie

Gold paisley silk tie for men

Paisley is the king of all tie patterns. It is year after year one of the most popular tie patterns, thanks to the interesting and eye-catching outlook. Paisley pattern is often designed using contrasting colors, however, this tie does it more delicately. The pattern combines two slightly different gold hues, giving the tie a harmonious and elegant look. The tie comes with a matching pocket square and cufflinks. Gold paisley silk tie, €42.95 EUR.

15. Metallic gold tie

Metallic gold silk tie for men

A metallic gold tie is a fancy choice. It reflects light beautifully. You can wear one on a regular day, but should preferably leave it for special occasions and parties. This skinny tie is made of soft, metallic silk and has small orange square-shaped dots to brighten it up. Metallic gold skinny silk tie, €36.95 EUR.

16. White and gold tie

White and gold silk tie for men

The combination of white and gold is softer than its counterpart black and gold. White is a pure base color that brings out all gold details with class. Wearing a white tie makes you look pure, innocent, and reliable. You might want to choose a white tie to a situation where you wish to appear as trustworthy and compassionate. To complement the soft look, this tie is decorated with a refined floral pattern. The tie comes with a matching pocket square and cufflinks. White and gold floral silk tie, €41.95 EUR.

17. Purple and gold tie

Purple and gold silk tie for men

Purple color is profoundly associated with royalty because the purple dye used to be so expensive only royalty could afford it. Nowadays, purple fabric is not more expensive than any other color, but the association sticks. Purple, when combined to gold, looks expensive and high-class. With the intriguing pattern, this purple and gold paisley tie is the accessory for self-confident men. The black base makes sure the tie is easy to look at regardless of its two-tone paisley pattern. Purple and gold paisley silk tie, €29.95 EUR.

18. Light gold tie

Light gold silk tie for men

A light gold tie is a great choice for summer, where light colors dominate the game. This tie has a luxurious, yellow gold diamond pattern on a champagne gold, shimmering base. The shimmering base makes this tie a bit more formal and suits best on festive events and gatherings. The tie comes with a matching pocket square and cufflinks. Light gold diamond pattern silk tie, €41.95 EUR.

19. Dark gold tie

Dark gold silk tie for men

A dark gold tie is a great choice year-round. This tie has a dark gold, almost copper pattern with sky blue details. The design successfully utilizes complementary colors, orange and blue, that looks exceptionally good together. A tie like this complements almost all hair and skin colors, so you can safely wear it and know you look amazing, no matter who you are. The tie comes with a matching pocket square and cufflinks. Dark gold silk tie, €41.95 EUR.

20. Gold skinny tie

Gold skinny silk tie for men

Skinny ties are trendy, but not considered as classy or formal as regular ties. If you prefer skinny ties over regular ties, this one with a golden tone and elegant pattern is a great choice. There are also two other narrow ties on this list, the gold and silver silk tie, and the metallic gold silk tie. Check those out as well if a skinny tie is what you're looking for. Gold skinny silk tie, €36.95 EUR.


The list of the most popular gold ties has come to an end and we hope you found a style you were looking for. Once you've found your perfect tie, make sure you know how to tie your tie properly. You should also remember that even though a suit and tie are plenty, they are not enough for a flawless look. If you think there is still something you can learn about wearing suit accessories, our suit accessory guide is your new best friend!

Thank you for reading!

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