Top 20 Popular Beaded Bracelets For Men Today

Popular beaded bracelets for men

Men's beaded bracelets are extremely popular today for a good reason. Not only beaded bracelets are good-looking and trendy, but they are also effortless to wear and easy to pull off. If you're looking for the most popular beaded bracelets for men, you've come to the right place.

Since you found your way in this article, you must have noticed that men's beaded bracelets are very popular at the moment. In a world full of variety and options, we have put this list together to help you easily find the most popular beaded bracelet styles, and some inspiration photos on how to wear them. 

Without further ado, let's get to it! 

1. Mens stone bead bracelets

Mens Stone Bead Bracelets

On the left: Black & White Leopard Bracelet, 9.95€ / $11.35

On the right: Brown Beaded Chain Bracelet, 32.95€ / $37.57

Men's stone bead bracelets are one of the most wanted types of beaded bracelets for men. Actually, if you're looking for a beaded bracelet with high quality, stone beads are what you should go for. Natural stone has many benefits compared to other materials, including luxurious outlook, heavy feel, durability, and easy maintaining. Stone beads come in many colors, sizes, and the best of all, they are waterproof and scratch-resistant. They fit well on all occasions and with a casual or formal outfit. Also, if you are a fan of stacked bracelets, a stone bead bracelet or two is one of the staple pieces to a perfect stack. If all that hasn't convinced you that natural stone is the obvious bead material choice, we don't know what will.

Blue stone bead bracelet

Simple yet interesting, this blue stone bead bracelet is the best seller for a reason. The blue beads have a beautiful irregular pattern, and the gold details give a finishing touch to the design. Blue Stone Bead Bracelet, 9.95€ / $11.35

Stone bead bracelet with chain

This stunning bracelet was designed for men with demanding taste. A beautiful grey and black natural stone bracelet and stainless steel chain create a very masculine and modern combination. Suits well for formal occasions, as well as for casual ones. Beaded Chain Bracelet, 32.95€ / $37.57

2. Black Beaded Bracelets 

Mens Black Beaded Bracelets

On the left: Black & Gold Bar Bracelet, 19.95€ / $22.75

On the right: Black & Green Leopard Bracelet, 15.95€ / $18.19

Black is the most popular color in all men's fashion, including clothing and accessories. That being said, it is not a surprise that it applies to men's bracelets as well. A black bracelet looks good combined with any other color, gives a finishing touch to an all-black outfit, and complements all skin and hair tones. 

Black beaded bracelets are extremely versatile and the easiest bracelet style to pull off. If you are new to wearing bracelets or if black is your thing in general, a black beaded bracelet is your top choice. 

Black Natural Stone Bracelet
A simple black beaded bracelet featuring a row of polished black natural stone beads on a durable elastic band. Natural Stone Bracelet, 9.95€ / $11.35
Black Beaded Bar Bracelet
This one is for more formal looks; the gold details and black cubic zircon pavé give this black beaded bracelet a luxurious vibe. If you don't fancy gold, you can get it with silver or black metals as well. Black Bar Bracelet, 19.95€ / $22.75

3. Matte Black Bracelets

Mens Matte Black Beaded Bracelets

On the left: Matte Black & Silver Bracelet, 14.95€ / $17.05

On the right: Matte Beaded Gym Bracelet, 9.95€ / $11.35

Matte black bracelets are on high demand among trendy men. A matte finish is a modern and interesting addition to otherwise simple beaded bracelets, and many prefer matte beads over glossy ones. The matte finish looks exceptional when combined with something glossy or sparkly, such as cubic zircon or polished beads. That's why a matte black bracelet is a great addition to a beaded bracelet stack. 

Matte black bracelet with cubic zircon
This bracelet has the perfect combination of something matte and something sparkly. If gunmetal is not your thing, you can also get the metals in gold, silver, or rose gold. Matte Black Bracelet With Black Cubic Zircon, 14.95€ / $17.05
Beaded lion bracelet with gold details
A simple lion bracelet with matte beads and gold details. You can also get it in silver. Beaded Lion Bracelet, 9.95€ / $11.35

4. Lava stone bracelets (also called lava rock bracelets)

Mens Beaded Lava Stone Bracelets

On the left: Blue Lava Stone Bracelet, 9.95€ / $11.35

On the right: Beaded Lion Lava Stone Bracelet, 9.95€ / $11.35

Lava stone, also called lava rock, is a volcanic rock that heat and pressure have molded from lava. It is easily distinguishable by its deep black color, matte surface, small dents, and uneven shape. Lava stone is one of the oldest minerals on earth and is found all over the world. 

Some prefer to wear lava stone bracelets for their mental benefits. Many believe that lava rock has healing qualities that help you be strong, calm, creative, and successful. If you want to know more about the healing qualities of lava stone, go ahead and visit this article

Mens Black Lava Stone Bracelet

A plain lava stone bracelet like this is a great staple piece. Pure Stone Bracelet, 9.95€ / $11.35

Lava Stone Bracelet With Turquoise Beads

Black lava stones complemented with three turquoise natural stone beads and gold details. Turquoise Lava Stone Bracelet, 9.95€ / $11.35

5. Leather beaded bracelets

Mens Leather Beaded Bracelets

On the left: Elegant Leather Beaded Bracelet, 25.95€ / $29.59

On the right: Brown Leather Beaded Bracelet, 20.95€ / $23.89

Leather beaded bracelets are one of the hottest bracelet styles for men at the moment. It is not a huge shock as they combine two of the most loved men's bracelets: beaded bracelets and leather bracelets.

There are two kinds of popular leather beaded bracelets: ones where there are separate layers of leather and beads, and ones that have leather and beads on the same layer. Both styles look good and are trendy; you just choose the one that pleases you the most.

Leather beaded bracelet

This bracelet consists of black leather, brown tiger eye stone, black lava stone, and stainless steel, all packed into one trendy bracelet. Available in two sizes and with black or silver metals. Beaded Leather Bracelet, 22.95€ / $26.17

Leather beaded bracelet with three layers

This one's for men who prefer their bracelets on the bulkiest end: a three-layer leather beaded bracelet with silver, gold, or black stainless steel details. 3-Layer Leather Beaded Bracelet, 23.95€ / $27.31

6. Stacked Beaded Bracelets

Mens Stacked Beaded Bracelets

On the left: Anchor Stacked Beaded Bracelets, 19.95€ / $22.75

On the right: Black & Silver Stacked Beaded Bracelet, 19.95€ / $22.75

Everyone who follows men's fashion icons on Instagram or sees them in magazines knows that stacked beaded bracelets are one of the biggest men's accessory trends within a few years. Wearing stacked beaded bracelets is effortless, stylish, and easy to pull off, so no wonder it has become so popular. By mixing and matching you can create a perfect and unique bracelet combination just for you. For example, mixing matte beads with glossy beads is a great way to add contrast to your bracelet stack. All of the bracelets in your stack don't have to be beaded, bracelets made of leather, steel, or other metals fit into it just as well. However, if you want to make sure all the bracelets go well together, you can play it safe and choose a pre-designed bracelet set and wear it as a stack. 

Stacked bracelet set in black and gold

All bracelets in a pre-designed stack, such as in this luxurious gold and black stack, will look perfect together. As a plus, you can wear all bracelets individually as well. Black & Gold Stacked Bracelet Set, 19.95€ / $22.75

Stacked anchor bracelet set

This stacked bracelet set includes a black matte beaded bracelet, a 2-layer leather bracelet, and an anchor bracelet. Stacked Anchor Bracelet Set, 21.95€ / $25.03

7. Small Beaded Bracelets

Mens Small Beaded Bracelets

On the left: Small Beaded Macrame Bracelet, 14.95€ / $17.05

On the right: Obsidian Stone Bracelet, 10.95€ / $12.49

Small beaded bracelets are very popular among men because of their delicate size. The standard bead size is 8mm, and all bracelets with beads smaller than that are identified as small beaded bracelets. If you wear multiple bracelets with standard-sized beads as a stack, the width of the bracelet stack can easily grow too wide for it to look good anymore. If you switch some of these bracelets to small beaded bracelets, you'll get the same trendy stacked effect without the full stack size being too wide. 
Small beaded macrame bracelet
A beaded macrame bracelet is a great addition to a bracelet stack without increasing the total width that much. The center bead is 8mm in size, the small beads 3mm. In addition to gunmetal, this bracelet is purchasable in gold, silver, or rose gold. Small Beaded Macrame Bracelet, 14.95€ / $17.05
Beaded stone bracelet with small beads
The 6mm black matte beads and the grey oval beads are made of natural stone and complemented with gold details. You can choose the metals also in silver, rose gold, or gunmetal. Slim Stone Bracelet, 13.95€ / $15.91

8. Beaded Bracelet Sets

Mens Beaded Bracelet Sets

On the left: Sub-Zero Bracelet Set in Brown & Black, 15.95€ / $18.19

On the right: Matte Gold Beaded Bracelet Set, 20.95€ / $23.89

Beaded bracelet sets are great for men who look for effortless accessorizing. Beaded bracelet sets usually have two matching beaded bracelets that you can wear individually or together. Two bracelets don't make a stack yet, but you can wear them as a part of a stack. Also, if you buy a set of bracelets, you are most likely to save some money when compared to buying the bracelets separately.

Beaded bracelet set made of natural stone

These two beaded bracelets are in total harmony. With blue and matte black natural stone beads, gold details, and black cubic zircon, these bracelets bring more luxury to any outfit. Blue Beaded Bracelet Set, 15.95€ / $18.19

Beaded Skull Bracelet Set

A beautiful set of beaded skull bracelets with adjustable lengths. They are crafted from matte agate beads and white marble beads and complemented with a gold and silver skull. Beaded Skull Bracelet Set, 26.95€ / $30.73

9. Colorful Beaded Bracelets

Mens Colorful Beaded Bracelets

On the left: Colorful Seven Elements Bracelet, 10.95€ / $12.49

On the right: Turquoise Lava Stone Bracelet & Natural Stone Bracelet, 9.95€ / $11.35

Wearing a colorful beaded bracelet is a great way to introduce some color to your outfit. A colorful bracelet can light up your style, and they are especially popular in summer when colors complement tanned skin. If looking stylish is what you aim for, you don't want to wear a bracelet in every color at once. Instead, choose one or two colors that you like and design your whole outfit around them. It is always a safe decision to pick out one colorful bracelet and keeping all other bracelets and accessories within the neutral color frame (black, white, grey, brown).

Colorful beaded bracelet

If you love colors, a bracelet like this is ideal for you. Although it features multiple colors, the outlook is kept quite subtle thanks to the black main color. All of the colorful natural stones represent the seven elements of life; earth, fire, air, water, wood, metal, and Aether. Seven Elements Bracelet, 10.95€ / $12.49

Turquoise stone bracelet

A colorful bracelet in bright turquoise fits summer styles flawlessly. The heavy weight of the natural stone beads gives this bracelet a valuable feel. Available in many colors, such as green and red. Natural Stone Bracelet, 9.95€ / $11.35

10. Beaded Distance Bracelets

Beaded Distance Bracelets

On the left: Classic Beaded Couple Bracelets, 18.95€ / $21.61

On the right: Beaded Crown Distance Bracelets, 22.95€ / $26.17

Beaded distance bracelets, also known as couple bracelets or relationship bracelets, are becoming more and more popular among couples every day. Because they are unisex, they can be worn by both men and women. The design is usually very simple, and the most popular colors are black and white. Two of the most popular beaded distance bracelets are shown below, but if you want to learn more about distance bracelets and see more styles, visit this article about distance bracelets.

Classic beaded distance bracelets

This is the most popular and classic distance bracelet set. With white marble beads and black matte beads, the style goes with any outfit. Classic Couple Bracelet Set, 18.95€ / $21.61

Beaded crown couple bracelets

The silver and rose gold crown beads add a hint of glamour to these natural stone distance bracelets. Beaded Crown Distance Bracelets, 22.95€ / $26.17


The list of the most popular beaded bracelets has come to an end and we hope you found the answers you were looking for. To find a variety of affordable men's bracelets in many styles, don't forget to visit our Men's Bracelets collection.

Thank you for reading!


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