Top 20 Popular Floral Ties For Men Today

Most popular floral ties for men

Men's floral ties are among the uppermost favorite neckties of today. Every man wants to look their best and what better way to crown your look than with a charming, flower embroidered tie. If you're looking for the most popular floral ties & neckties for men, you've come to the right place.

Floral ties and neckties have been worn by men for years. Moreover, the combination of a suit and a flower-covered tie is frequently the gentleman's preferred choice, especially during the summertime. Furthermore, floral neckties are a common sight at weddings. The floral pattern produces positive, uplifting energy and is enough to elevate the mood even in a more serious & formal event. In a world full of variety and options, we have put this list together to help you easily find the most popular floral tie styles along with some inspirational photos on how to wear them. 

Without further ado, let's get to it! 

1. Pink floral ties

Pink floral ties

On the left: Pearly Pink Floral 100% Silk Necktie, €34.95 EUR

On the right: Light Pink Floral Skinny Cotton Tie, €19.95 EUR

Pink floral ties come in as the most popular category on the list. Pink, the universal color of love, is liked by men all over the world. it represents harmony, inner peace, and the affectionate side of men. It also makes men more approachable by breaking the naturally strong, masculine vibes of a man. Some men tend to hold on to stress, work-related or otherwise, and, as a result, are uptight without even recognizing it. A pink flower tie can help overcome the tension and fill the air with positivity and love.

Although the color pink goes well together with flowers, the combination is mostly recommended to be worn only at celebratory events. Weddings, birthday parties, and summer-related occasions are a perfect place to wear a pink floral necktie. If your goal is to be approachable and charming, you really can't go wrong with a pink flower embroidered tie.

Pink floral skinny tie made of 100% cotton

The best-seller skinny tie is made of 100% cotton. The soft pink looks great with any outfit and the floral pattern is as beautiful as they come. Pink Floral Skinny Cotton Tie, €19.95 EUR

Pink floral tie made of 100% silk

This package has it all; a pink floral 100% silk tie, matching pocket square & cufflinks. The silk necktie set looks and feels high-quality. This tie-set is designed for men with an expensive taste. Pink Floral 100% Silk Tie, €35.95 EUR

2. Black floral ties

Black floral ties

On the left: Black Floral Paisley 100% Silk Tie, €34.95 EUR

On the right: Black & Silver Floral 100% Silk Necktie, €34.95 EUR

Black floral ties are not only the most neutral in color but, the second most popular floral tie category at the moment. Black neckties have made their mark as a global standard already a few decades ago. A strong and bold color like black combined with a fancy flower pattern creates a controlled, high-class look without breaking a sweat. Out of all floral necktie colors, black is also the most versatile. You can wear a black floral tie to any occasion from happy celebrations to funerals.

Black has one of the strongest symbolical meanings. On a tie, it symbolizes power, authority, elegance, good manners, and control. You can never go wrong wearing a black tie. A black flower necktie is a go-to accessory for many men and it can improve any outfit regardless of the event you are going to. 

Black skinny floral tie made of cotton

This black designer tie is the most popular black necktie choice for weddings. It is handmade of 100% cotton and it looks & feels amazing. At this price range, this cravat is the king. Black Skinny Floral Cotton Tie, €19.95 EUR

Black skinny floral tie made of silk

The classic black silk tie is embroidered with a beautiful white floral pattern. It is among the most complimented black floral ties. Black Skinny Flower Silk Tie, €26.95 EUR

3. Skinny floral ties

Skinny floral ties

On the left: Blue Skinny Floral Cotton Tie, €19.95 EUR

On the right: Brown Skinny Floral Silk Tie, €36.95 EUR

Skinny floral ties are come in as the third most popular category on the list. The word "skinny" refers to a tie that is under 2.5" or 6.5cm in width. Men with wide shoulders or a large frame often prefer skinny ties over regular ties to avoid looking too bulky. A skinny floral tie can make a man look more fit & slim, and even a bit taller. A skinny tie goes well together with slim-cut suits that have narrow lapels. Always make sure that your skinny tie complements your outfit to avoid fashion mistakes.

A skinny tie with flowers can help make you stand out in a good way. While the distinguishable width of a skinny tie can be enough to do the trick, a floral pattern will further enhance your appearance. Moreover, men with a high social IQ are often seen wearing a skinny floral tie at a party. Many Hollywood celebrities like Ryan Reynolds, David Beckham, and Channing Tatum - among others - have been seen wearing a skinny floral tie. 

Blue skinny floral daisy tie

This blue skinny necktie is so popular because of its symmetric, soothing flower-pattern. The material feels good and the design looks great with any suit. Blue Skinny Floral Daisy Tie, €18.95 EUR

Bright red skinny floral tie made of cotton

A bright red tie made of 100% cotton. This necktie uses an exotic flower pattern that looks stunning and optimistic from every angle. Bright Red Skinny Floral Cotton Necktie, €19.95 EUR

4. Blue floral ties

Blue floral ties

On the left: Sky Blue Skinny Floral Cotton Necktie, €19.95 EUR

On the right: Blue Blossom Skinny Tie, €18.95 EUR

Blue floral ties are the fourth most popular option when it comes to floral neckties. Out of all colors, blue is the most prevalent in men's neckties. Traditionally a calm and peaceful color, blue is the preferred necktie color choice by many men. On top of its global popularity, a blue necktie can be worn with any suit and into any occasion without risking alarming the fashion police.

A blue floral necktie combined with a suit symbolizes a man who is trustworthy, intelligent, and stable by personality. The color blue has been universally established as the most trusted color out of all. Because of that, a blue necktie with flowers can be exactly what you need when trying to show others you are as genuine as they come. A blue floral tie is a great choice to wear to a job interview or when closing an important deal to subliminally convey your reliability.

Midnight blue floral tie made of 100% silk

A silk cravat set with a gorgeous flower pattern. This trendy tie comes with a matching pair of cufflinks and a pocket square. Midnight Blue Floral Silk Tie, €35.95 EUR

Blue skinny floral tie made of 100% cotton

Another great choice is this very comfortable skinny tie. The blue floral pattern fits right in, regardless of the event you are attending. Skinny Blue Floral Cotton Necktie, €19.95 EUR

5. Navy floral ties

Navy floral ties

On the left: Dark Navy Skinny Floral Cotton Tie, €19.95 EUR

On the right: Formal Navy Skinny Floral Silk Tie, €36.95 EUR

Navy blue floral ties are one of the most liked ties on this list. The dark shade of blue, known by the name navy, is a great compromise between black and blue. Navy blue is often associated with a confident man, has authority and power, and can hold intelligent conversations. The dark hue adds a sophisticated feeling to a navy necktie. A navy tie with flower design is an elegant and versatile alternative, which makes the color so popular.

Many men prefer navy over black or regular blue because of how gentle it is to eyes. Depending on the occasion you are attending to, you want to choose a more colorful navy tie if the occasion is more informal. For more formal events, a less colorful navy floral tie is the way to go.

Navy tropic floral tie set made of 100% silk

A navy blue silk tie set, featuring tropical flowers. This best-selling cravat brings mojitos and white sand beaches to mind. Navy Tropic Floral Silk Tie Set, €35.95 EUR

Navy blue floral tie made of 100% cotton

This 100% cotton tie is made for happy events. The floral pattern gives room for the navy color to pop out beautifully. Navy Skinny Floral Cotton Tie, €19.95 EUR

6. Burgundy floral ties

Burgundy floral ties

On the left: Burgundy Floral Silk Tie Set, €35.95 EUR

On the right: Skinny Burgundy Floral Cotton Tie, €19.95 EUR

Surprisingly, burgundy floral ties come in as the sixth most popular option on the list. The color burgundy is a mixture of red and brown with a purple tint on it. This specific color mix has for long been associated with royalty, good manners, success, and classy gentlemen. A man who wears a burgundy tie with flower design is perceived as a trustworthy man with a high level of knowledge. Because of the wide range of positive symbolism around it, a burgundy floral tie is one of the top choices by men all around the world.

Burgundy floral neckties are often worn to events that take place in the evening or night-time. If you are looking for a floral tie to wear during winter, burgundy is an excellent option. Like red wine, it brings warmth and color to otherwise grayish and cold days.

Burgundy floral tie made of silk

This popular formal burgundy tie is one of a kind. It is an Italian design and made of soft silk to perfect the experience. The pattern is a mixture of paisley and floral decoration. Burgundy Floral Silk Tie, €33.95 EUR

Burgundy skinny floral tie

The simplicity of this skinny floral burgundy tie is mesmerizing. For a price like this, it is hard to compete against. It is a well-liked choice for a reason. Burgundy Skinny Floral Tie, €18.95 EUR

7. Red floral ties

Red floral ties

On the left: Red Floral Skinny Cotton Tie, €19.95 EUR

On the right: Red Floral 100% Silk Tie Set, €35.95 EUR

Red floral ties are very popular among men because of their bright, colorful visual presence. Red is a passionate color and is frequently used in clothing accessories by men around the world. It is an emotionally intense color that is connected with strong, deep feelings such as passionate love or profound anger. When used in clothing, the color is known to naturally surface energy and emotional feelings in the people around you. Make sure you pick the right suit to go with the tie, and a red floral necktie is a great fit for any party all year round.

Men who wear a red tie with flowers are often seen as passionate, confident, and inspirational men equipped with a high emotional IQ and a strong will. Aside from all symbolism, a red floral tie is always a great choice. Although some choose the color because of how they are perceived when wearing it, most men wear a red tie because they simply like the color. And we approve.

Red floral skinny tie handmade of cotton

A gorgeous red necktie made of 100% cotton. It comes with a beautiful white floral design. This best-seller has claimed to the top ranks among red floral ties within a few years. Red Skinny Floral 100% Cotton Tie, €19.95 EUR

Red floral skinny tie made of 100% silk

This is one of the favorite floral ties on this list. A silk tie that suits all parties from formal to less formal. The skinny width complements well-fitted suits. Red Skinny Floral 100% Silk Tie, €26.95 EUR

8. Green floral ties

Green floral ties

On the left: Green & Navy Floral Silk Tie, €35.95 EUR

On the right: Green Turquoise Floral Skinny Cotton Tie, €19.95 EUR

Green floral ties are another popular choice. Unique necktie colors, like green, are often preferred by men looking to separate themselves from the masses. Furthermore, green floral neckties are the eighth-most searched category on the list. Green is the color of life & nature. On a necktie, it is often associated with safety, adulthood, and wellbeing. Green ties work great together with a black or dark grey suit. Because of the calming effect of the color, a green tie can be just what you are looking for to wear at work, wedding, or on a date.

Men who wear a green tie with flowers are seen as safe & trustworthy individuals with high morals and, usually, above-average wealth. Because green is strongly linked with nature, a man with a green tie, especially if coupled with a flower pattern, can easily be associated with an eco-friendly mindset.

Light green floral tie made of silk

The fancy floral pattern combined with high-quality woven silk is irresistible to many men. The tie comes accompanied by a matching floral pocket square and cufflinks. Light Green Floral Tie Set, €35.95 EUR

Mint green skinny cotton tie

A light mint green necktie covered with multicolored roses. This comfortable cotton tie is among the most popular green floral ties on the market. Mint Green Skinny Floral Cotton Tie, €19.95 EUR

9. White floral ties

White floral ties

On the left: White Floral Silk Tie Set, €36.95 EUR

On the right: Peach White Floral 100% Silk Tie, €34.95 EUR

White floral ties set foot in as the ninth on the list. White, the color of purity and perfection, is a great look on a necktie. Weddings, white tie -dress code occasions and other very formal events are the perfect place to wear a white floral tie. White ties with embroidered flowers are designed to be worn at the most formal parties and happenings. Although a white tie goes well together with a white shirt, you should always make sure that your necktie matches your shirt.

Men who wear a white flower tie are perceived as loyal, kindhearted gentlemen who always put the needs of others before themselves. White, in its essence, represents honesty and everything good in the world. The best tie to wear at formal white tie events is a white floral tie made of silk. If the dress code is not too formal, a white floral tie made of cotton is the optimal choice.

White floral skinny tie made of cotton

This high-quality cotton necktie is the most popular white floral tie on the list. It has a pattern of red and pink roses mixed to a smooth white surface. White Roses Floral Skinny Cotton Tie, €19.95 EUR

White & gold floral tie made of silk

Another favorite is this Italian design tie with a white base and gold flowers. This necktie comes with a matching pocket square and cufflinks. White Gold Floral 100% Silk Tie Set, €41.95 EUR

10. Grey floral ties

Grey floral ties

On the left: Grey Floral Silk Tie Set, €36.95 EUR

On the right: Grey & Silver Flower Silk Necktie, €27.95 EUR

Grey floral ties are the last, but not least, on the list. A grey or a silver necktie has the power to upgrade an outfit to a very formal level. Furthermore, several men prefer a greyish flower tie over other colors because grey is very easy to combine with any type of suit. As one of the most versatile colors, grey floral neckties support all suits from slim to wide fit and from black to grey. A grey tie can even be worn into a white tie event, as well.

The color grey is a neutral color with a cool, balanced look. Men who wear a grey floral tie are often observed as very sophisticated and conservative gentlemen who prefer timeless beauty over fast-paced trends. That said, every man should have at least one grey flower tie in their wardrobe.

Grey floral tie made of silk

The grey floral tie with a black background is one of the most attractive necktie choices on the list. It is made of premium Jacquard silk and looks amazing. Grey Floral Silk Tie, €27.95 EUR

Grey & blue floral tie made of silk

This grey necktie with a blue floral pattern looks mellow and formal. It is a smooth mix suitable for a true gentleman. Grey & Blue Floral Silk Tie, €30.95 EUR

11. Bonus: Floral bow ties

Floral bow ties

On the image: Red Black Silk Self-Tie Bow Tie, €29.95 EUR

As a bonus, we have included the most popular floral bow ties. Although ties are a more popular option, we shouldn't completely ignore bow ties. A bow tie has the power to be a party starter and a mood lifter. Some men choose bow ties over regular ties regardless of the occasion. Even the gentlemen who have climbed high up the corporate ladder on Wall Street have been witnessed wearing bow ties to work.

A floral bow tie is a formal alternative to a tie and can be worn to all events a regular tie could. Moreover, a floral bow tie, at its best, can magnify your personality and raise others' interest towards you. Check out our collection for more high-quality floral bow ties.

Black floral bow tie made of silk

This is the most popular floral bow tie. A black base sprinkled with white and shiny black flowers. The material is high-quality silk and it looks and feels astonishing. Black Floral Silk Self-Tie Bow Tie, €31.95 EUR

Blue floral bow tie made of silk

The second most popular floral bow tie is the blue silk bow tie. It is sprinkled with beautiful flowers of different shades of blue. A great look for a floral bow tie. Blue Floral Silk Self-Tie Bow Tie, €31.95 EUR


The list of the most popular floral ties has come to an end and we hope you found the answers you were looking for. To find a variety of affordable men's neckties in many styles, don't forget to visit our Men's ties collection.

Thank you for reading!


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