Top 20 Popular Wedding Ties For Men Today

Most popular wedding ties for men

Men's wedding ties are an essential part of the groom's suit. Every man wants to look their best on their wedding night and what better way to crown your look than an exceptionally gorgeous tie. If you're looking for the most popular wedding ties & neckties for men, you've come to the right place.

Wedding ties and neckties have been worn by men for ages. Furthermore, the classic combination of suit & tie is the go-to wedding outfit by the vast majority of men across the globe. Whether you are a groom looking for the perfect wedding tie, the father of the bride, or a guest to a wedding looking for a tie to wear, this is the right place to be. In a world full of variety and options, we have put this list together to help you easily find the most popular wedding tie styles, and some inspirational photos on how to wear them. 

Without further ado, let's get to it! 

1. Floral wedding ties

Floral wedding ties for men

On the left: Light Green Floral 100% Silk Tie, €35.95 EUR

On the right: Pearly Floral 100% Silk Necktie, €34.95 EUR

Men's floral ties are one of the most wanted types of wedding ties for men. If you're looking for a personal wedding tie, with high quality and uplifting design, floral neckties are what you should go for. A wedding tie with a floral pattern is among the most popular wedding neckties seen on men today. Although floral ties come in a wide range of colors, the flowers on the tie have an obvious, natural connection with weddings and the celebration of newlyweds. 

Flowers on a tie symbolize life, growth, maturity, the beauty of relationships, and a happy future. Men who wear a floral tie often enjoy a bunch of compliments from others and lift the positive vibe around them. On a celebratory event like the wedding, there is no match for a floral tie that fits your style and brings out your personality. And for those who claim that floral ties don't fit their style; you are wrong. There is a perfect floral tie for every man waiting to be worn.

White gold floral wedding tie

The best-seller wedding tie set includes an ivory white tie with a beautiful golden floral pattern running across the tie. A matching pocket square & cufflinks are included in the package. White Gold Floral Silk Wedding Tie, €41.95 EUR

White floral skinny tie with pink flowers

In terms of comfortability-quality-price-ratio, this 100% cotton tie is the king. Because of the basic floral layout and colors, this necktie design has dominated weddings around the world for a few years already. White Pink Floral Cotton Tie, €19.95 EUR

2. Black wedding ties

Black wedding ties for men

On the left: Black Carbon Pattern Silk Tie, €34.95 EUR

On the right: Black Silk Polka Dot Wedding Tie, €27.95 EUR

Men's black ties are not only the most neutral in color but, the second most popular wedding tie category at the moment. Black neckties have made their mark as a global standard already a few decades ago. During the wedding ceremony, the father of the bride often wears a black colored tie to show their wistful feelings of giving their daughter away to another man's care, while still maintaining their authoritative position as the father. A groom might want to wear a black tie to show people his appreciation towards the celebration and that he is in control of his life, implying that the bride and her relatives shouldn't worry about whether the groom handles his business or not.

Out of all colors, black has the strongest symbolical meaning. On a tie, the color symbolizes power, authority, elegance, good manners, and control. You can never go wrong wearing a black tie. A black necktie is a go-to accessory for many men and it can improve any outfit regardless of the event you are going to. 

Black floral luxury silk wedding tie

This black designer tie is the most popular black necktie choice for weddings. It is made of 100% silk and it looks & feels amazing. It is a little bit slimmer than a regular tie, making you look fit and classy at the same time. Black Floral Designer Silk Tie, €36.95 EUR

Classic black striped wedding tie

The classic black striped wedding necktie is another favorite for weddings. Its most liked qualities are the traditional look, affordable price, and high-end appearance. Classic Black Striped Wedding Necktie, €17.95 EUR

3. Pink wedding ties

Pink ties for wedding

On the left: Pink Striped 100% Silk Wedding Tie, €24.95 EUR

On the right: Pink Floral 100% Silk Wedding Tie, €34.95 EUR

Men's pink ties for weddings come in as the third most popular category on the list. Pink, the universal color of love, has been a big favorite in men's wedding ties for the past decade. A pink necktie is an excellent option if you are looking for something unique and personal. A man who wears a pink tie to a celebration is often perceived as sweet, playful, charming, romantic, and uplifting. If you want others to feel happy and stressless around you, a pink necktie is most likely your best bet.

Although pink is a joyful color, when it comes to neckties, you probably shouldn't go with a plain solid pink. We have found that the best looking outfits with a pink tie regularly carry a patterned or a broken color pink, like the coral pink. This way the outfit has a little less contrast and is easier for the eyes.

Pink hexagonal necktie made of 100% silk

This pink necktie is so popular because of its soothing pattern and soft, high-quality silk. It is a great fit for any suit, anytime. Pink Hexagonal Wedding Silk Tie, €24.95 EUR

Classic pink striped necktie made of 100% silk

Another extremely popular choice is a classic; the candy-striped tie. Its playful yet classy look appeals to people around the world. Classic Pink Striped Silk Necktie, €28.95 EUR

4. Burgundy wedding ties

Burgundy wedding ties for men

On the left: Red Burgundy Checkered Silk Necktie, €34.95 EUR

On the right: Ruby Red & Burgundy Paisley Silk Tie, €33.95 EUR

Surprisingly, burgundy ties for weddings come in as the fourth most popular option on the list. The color burgundy is a mixture of red and brown with a purple tint on it. This specific color mix has for long been associated with royalty, good manners, success, and classy gentlemen. A man who wears a burgundy tie into a wedding is perceived as a trustworthy man with a high level of knowledge. Because of the wide range of positive symbolism around it, a burgundy wedding tie is one of the top tier choices when attending a wedding, whether as a guest, groom, or a father of the bride.

If you are looking for a purple, red, or even eggplant colored ties for weddings, you should consider burgundy as a solid option. Although it is highly popular around the world, it combines the best abilities of red, purple, and brown and looks amazing in any celebratory event. You simply can't go wrong with a burgundy wedding tie.

Classic burgundy red silk tie with white mini dots

A burgundy tie with small white dots is a classic. It is made of 100% silk and it looks fantastic with any color suit. Classic Burgundy Red Mini Dot Silk Tie, €32.95 EUR

Burgundy skinny tie made of cotton

Another great choice is this very comfortable skinny tie. The plain burgundy color fits right in, regardless of the wedding time or place. Skinny Burgundy Cotton Necktie, €25.95 EUR

5. Gold wedding ties

Gold wedding ties for men

On the left: 24k Gold Floral 100% Silk Tie Set, €41.95 EUR

On the right: Black & Gold Striped 100% Silk Tie Set, €34.95 EUR

Gold ties are one of the most popular wedding necktie styles. When it comes to a happy celebration event like a wedding, a gold tie with a black suit is one of the go-to outfits for men. Gold as a color represents compassion, wisdom, passion, prosperity, and wealth. Wearing a gold tie to a wedding can mean that you have high expectations about the future of the groom and the bride. It is a way to show your supportive thoughts and trust towards the upcoming alliance called marriage.

A few favorites for men are the gold floral patterned tie and the plain solid gold necktie. Both looks are absolutely stunning and make a great option for a wedding tie any day. Gold is a popular choice for a wedding tie because of its positive symbolism, fancy color, and grandeur appearance.

Fine gold silk wedding tie

A gold tie made of fine silk is the most popular gold tie choice for weddings. The high-class look combined with premium silk is the charming look many men seek. Fine Silk Solid Gold Tie, €41.95 EUR

Rose gold & black floral silk tie

This one is for men who prefer rose gold over regular gold. The necktie has an elegant design making it optimal for weddings. Rose Gold & Black Floral Silk Tie, €41.95 EUR

6. Blue wedding ties

Blue wedding ties for men

On the left: Skinny Dark Blue Wedding Tie, €16.95 EUR

On the right: Navy Blue Silk Floral Wedding Tie, €35.95 EUR

Blue ties for weddings come in as the sixth most popular category. Out of all colors, blue is the most prevalent in men's neckties. Traditionally a calm and peaceful color, blue and navy blue is the preferred choice for weddings by many men. On top of its global popularity, a blue necktie can be worn with any suit and into any occasion without risking alarming the fashion police.

Because blue ties are globally associated with formal business outfits, it is important to select a specific type of blue necktie to ensure it is wearable to a wedding. You wouldn't want to appear too uptight at a wedding, would you? A floral pattern on a blue tie is a great example of an uplifting, suitable wedding cravat. With the right blue necktie, one suitable for weddings and festivities, there is no beating you.

Blue & gold checkered silk wedding tie

This unique combination of blue and gold is one of the best wedding ties on this list. Many men receive plenty of compliments with this necktie. Blue & Gold Checkered Silk Wedding Tie, €33.95 EUR

Navy blue dotted silk tie

This is one of the best-selling navy blue wedding ties at the moment. It simply has something other neckties don't have. Navy Blue Dotted Luxury Silk Tie, €36.95 EUR

7. Silver wedding ties

Silver wedding ties for men

On the left: Silver Hexagonal 100% Silk Tie, €36.95 EUR

On the right: Silver & Black Paisley Silk Wedding Tie, €34.95 EUR

Men's silver ties are very popular among men because of their appealing visual presence. Silver and grey wedding ties have maintained their popularity for at least a few decades now. Men prefer silver neckties because of their formal and restrained appearance. Silver doesn't pop-out like other bright colors and it adds a lot to a suit. Often, you can see groomsmen wear similar patterned silver ties to give room for the groom himself via their matching, subdued outfits. Silver is also a great color choice for anyone attending a wedding as a guest because it doesn't take the spotlight away from the groom

It doesn't take a magician to see that silver is one of the best and popular wedding tie color selections. Because of the neutral tone, a silver necktie is a valid choice for everyone from the groom to groomsmen and the guests. You simply can't go wrong with a silver-toned tie. A groom should opt for a more festive patterned tie. The guests and groomsmen, on the other hand, should go with mellower pattern silver on their neckties.

Silver paisley 100% silk tie

This Italian design silver paisley necktie is one of the best looking wedding ties on this list. It comes with a pair of matching cufflinks and matching pocket square. Silver Paisley 100% Silk Tie, €36.95 EUR

Silver fine silk tie with a light pattern

One of the favorite wedding ties for groomsmen on this list. It is a full set and includes a matching pocket square and a pair of cufflinks. Silver Fine Silk Wedding Tie, €36.95 EUR

8. Green wedding ties

Green wedding ties for men

On the left: Green Silk Paisley Wedding Necktie, €39.95 EUR

On the right: Dark Green Floral Silk Tie, €35.95 EUR

Green ties are another popular choice for a wedding. Unique necktie colors, like green, are often preferred by men looking to separate themselves from the masses. Furthermore, green ties for weddings are the eighth-most searched category of men's wedding neckties. Green is the color of life & nature. On a necktie, it is often associated with safety, adulthood, and wellbeing. Green ties work great together with a black or dark grey suit. Because of the calming effect of the color, a green tie can be just what you are looking for to wear at a wedding.

Mint green floral wedding tie

The mint green wedding tie is the preferred choice for many men. The bright pastel color with a floral pattern puts this piece in the all-time favorites in this list. Mint Green Floral Wedding Tie, €19.95 EUR

Green gradient floral silk tie

A unique alternative for regular wedding ties. The gradient on the green floral tie looks amazing and lifts the positive vibes at a wedding with ease. Green Gradient Floral Silk Tie, €35.95 EUR

9. Ivory white wedding ties

Ivory white wedding ties for men

On the left: Ivory White Floral 100% Silk Tie, €36.95 EUR

On the right: Ivory White & Peach 100% Silk Wedding Tie, €34.95 EUR

An ivory-white tie for weddings is a widely embraced choice among men. And no wonder, because the ivory color is very pleasant to the eye and goes very well together with the wedding theme. The ivory color symbolizes purity, innocence, and simplicity. On a necktie, it sends a message that you await the future with your beloved fiancée. The ivory color represents your good faith and tells others that you are absolutely sure about your partner and, accordingly, your marriage. On top of the positive symbolism, white ivory looks stunning with any suit. If you are unsure of your wedding tie choice - your wedding suit should include a cravat - go with ivory. It's a sure shot.

Ivory white fine silk wedding necktie

This Italian design necktie is made of fine silk and looks astonishing. The delicate beige hue on a yellowish-white tie is one of the best-toned wedding ties on this list. Ivory White Fine Silk Wedding Necktie, €41.95 EUR

Ivory striped silk wedding tie

Another favorite is the striped ivory-white tie. It is made of high-quality silk and it shows. Ivory Striped Silk Wedding Tie, €32.95 EUR

10. Paisley wedding ties

Paisley wedding ties for men

On the left: Royal Paisley Silk Wedding Tie, €34.95 EUR

On the right: Gold & White Paisley Silk Wedding Necktie, €41.95 EUR

Paisley ties are meant to be worn at weddings. The exquisite look of a man wearing a paisley tie for a wedding event is remarkable. The paisley pattern is based on the curved, feather-like shape of an Indian pine cone design. The paisley symbol was originally designed to mean eternal life. A good-looking paisley tie can upgrade an outfit by a mile. If you are not so keen on following the quickly changing fashion trends, a silky paisley tie can easily make it look like you are on top of the fashion wave. Especially if you are the groom or one of the groomsmen, a paisley necktie can be a game-changer. 

Light yellow & blue silk paisley tie

The gold-toned paisley wedding tie with blue details is one of the most attractive necktie choices. Light Gold & Blue Silk Paisley Tie, €41.95 EUR

Black paisley silk wedding tie

The black paisley goes well with a black suit. It has the premium shine of a top-tier wedding necktie for a very good price. Black Paisley 100% Silk Wedding Tie, €34.95 EUR

11. Bonus: Bow ties for wedding

Bow ties for wedding

On the image: Black Fine Silk Wedding Bow Tie, €18.95 EUR

As a bonus, we have included the most popular bow ties for a wedding. Although most men prefer to wear a regular tie to a wedding, bow ties have recently gained popularity as the men's go-to accessory at a wedding. A wedding bow tie is usually a self-tie bow tie because they have a more elegant appearance than pre-tied bow ties. Furthermore, if you are considering being the groom without a tie, stop right now. Give a chance to the bow tie instead of a normal tie. It just might save your outfit; after all, a wedding is a formal event. A bow tie is an excellent addition - and way better than a wedding suit with no tie - to the groom's and groomsmen's outfit.

Navy blue silk wedding bow tie

The navy blue self-tie bow tie is the best-selling bow tie for a wedding. Whether you are the groom or one of the groomsmen, you can't go wrong with this. Navy Blue Silk Wedding Bow Tie, €18.95 EUR

Wine red & burgundy silk wedding bow tie

The second most popular wedding bow tie is this beauty. A wine red/burgundy self-tie bow tie that will crown your wedding. Wine Red & Burgundy Silk Wedding Bow Tie, €18.95 EUR


The list of the most popular wedding ties has come to an end and we hope you found the answers you were looking for. To find a variety of affordable men's neckties in many styles, don't forget to visit our Men's ties collection.

Thank you for reading!


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