Top 20 Popular Paisley Ties For Men Today

Most Popular Paisley Ties For Men

Paisley neckties are extremely popular today. Paisley ties have been in style for a while now for a good reason. The harmonious yet ornamental paisley pattern elevates your work attire and complements your outfit for formal events. Paisley pattern is one of the most wanted tie designs and comes in all possible colors. Since suits are ordinarily very conservative, wearing a noticeable paisley tie is an excellent way to make a statement.

The beautiful paisley pattern is of Middle Eastern origin. Today, the pattern is recognized and loved by men all around the world. The pattern has distinctive teardrop-shaped motifs, usually embellished with detailed flowers, dots, and other abstract shapes. 

If you're looking for the most popular paisley ties that you can shop online, you've come to the right place. We are here to go over the top 20 most popular paisley ties for men. On this list, we only focus on premium silk ties that are affordable, durable, and will last with you a lifetime. 

All ties on this list come with free worldwide shipping, so they are accessible, no matter where you live.

Without further ado, let's get to it! 

1. Blue paisley ties

Blue Paisley Ties For Men

On the left: Blue Abstract Paisley Silk Tie Set, €39.95 EUR.

On the right: Royal Blue & Bronze Paisley Silk Tie Set, €34.95 EUR.

Blue is the most popular paisley tie color, at least according to search volumes on Google. No wonder, since blue is the universal symbol of trust, confidence, and intelligence. Blue also has a calming effect and is associated with sea, sky, and freedom. Blue is considered a safe tie color that will fit almost any occasion.

A blue paisley tie is a great choice for a day at the office. It is a subtle color that isn't boring but doesn't pop out too much either. Depending on your personal preference, you can choose a muted navy blue, an electric royal blue, or a soft light blue paisley tie to finish off your look. 

Blue Gradient Paisley Silk Tie

Ivory white and beige floral paisley pattern overlaid on a gradient blue base. The tie boasts multiple shades of blue, transitioning from light blue to bright blue and navy blue. Blue Gradient Paisley Silk Necktie, €29.95 EUR.

Ocean Blue Paisley Silk Tie

A skinny navy blue tie with intricate indigo and turquoise paisley pattern. The vivid shades of blue remind of a tropical ocean. This tie looks best worn with a crispy white shirt. Blue Ocean Paisley Skinny Necktie, €26.95 EUR

2. Red paisley ties 

Red Paisley Ties For Men

On the left: Crimson Red Paisley Silk Necktie, €33.95 EUR.

On the right: Red & Blue Striped Paisley Silk Tie Set, €39.95 EUR.

Red paisley ties are the number two on our list of the most popular paisley ties. Red is another classic color, just like blue. However, where blue is associated with stability and calmness, red is linked with passion, courage, energy, and power. These two colors, as common as they are, are quite the opposites in color psychology. It is important to know the effect your tie color can have on the energy around you.

As red is the power tie, choose it whenever you could use a boost of confidence. Be it an important business meeting or just any day when you want to be on your a-game, a red paisley tie is your choice. A mellow burgundy tie is a safe option for any occasion, where a bright red is a bold choice and pink is a soft alternative.

Burgundy Red Paisley Silk Tie

A rich burgundy paisley pattern on a black silk base creates a luxurious combination. If a wealthy look is what you're going for, a tie like this is a top choice. The fine 100% Jacquard silk makes wearing this tie an extravagant experience. Burgundy Paisley Silk Necktie, €28.95 EUR

Pink Paisley Silk Tie

Not every man is ready to wear pink because they are scared it makes them look "girly" or "feminine". However, pink ties are increasingly popular among men and the ancient-old beliefs that men shouldn't wear pink are fading away. If you can pull off a pink tie and carry it with confidence, you will certainly be one of the most respected men in the room. Pink Paisley Silk Necktie, €28.95 EUR

3. Black paisley ties

Black Paisley Ties For Men

On the left: Black Paisley Silk Tie Set, €34.95 EUR.

On the right: Black & White Modern Paisley Silk Necktie, €27.95 EUR.

A black tie is always a sophisticated pick. It's a formal tie color that you might want to avoid wearing on casual occasions. A black paisley necktie is a great choice for formal gatherings, fancy dinners, and evening events. Not to mention how good a deep black paisley tie looks with a pitch-black dress shirt.

If you think black ties are a tad too formal but still want your tie to ooze sophistication and elegance, choose a grey tie. There are grey ties with shades from light to dark, and often, a design that mixes different grey shades is the most attractive.

All Black Paisley Silk Tie

This all-black monochromic paisley tie is easy to incorporate to any ensemble even if you're not ready to jump head on to the flashiest paisley ties. Black matte base embraced with a subtly shimmering paisley pattern. Black Monochromic Paisley Silk Necktie, €28.95 EUR

Black Foulard Paisley Silk Tie

This paisley tie is more foulard-styled, with individual boteh shapes on a dotted background. Made of premium Jacquard silk, the texture feels soft and pleasant to touch. Black Foulard Paisley Silk Necktie, €27.95 EUR

4. White paisley ties

White Paisley Ties For Men

On the left: White & Black Striped Paisley Silk Tie Set, €39.95 EUR.

On the right: White & Silver Paisley Silk Necktie, €27.95 EUR.

White is a pure and light color that is especially popular in spring and summer times. White provides a fresh background for darker print to pop out of. For example, a black pattern on a white base has a strong contrast but is still neutral and tasteful. 

The fewer patterns a white tie has, the more formal it is. That being said, a white paisley tie doesn't need to be reserved for the most formal occasions only. If a light tie is what you're looking for but don't want it to be completely colorless, choose a tie with a combination of white and color.

White Paisley Silk Tie

Clean white base with a dark grey, cartoon-like paisley pattern. Even though the contrast is quite strong, the colors are neutral and the tie doesn't look too gaudy. White & Dark Grey Paisley Silk Necktie, €27.95 EUR.

Ivory White And Blue Paisley Silk Tie

Ivory white complimented with shades of blue. Ivory is a beautiful alternative for crisp white. It creates a softer and easier look than bright white. Choose an ivory paisley tie when you want a light tie that is down-to-earth and in no way flashy. Ivory White & Blue Paisley Silk Necktie, €29.95 EUR

5. Gold paisley ties

Gold Paisley Ties For Men

On the left: Gold Paisley Silk Tie Set, €42.95 EUR.

On the right: Bronze-Gold Floral Paisley Silk Tie Set, €41.95 EUR.

Gold is another power color, right after red. Gold's appearance isn't as garish and intense as bright reds, but instead, it is more luxurious and sumptuous. That's why, if you're aiming to look like a wealthy person, wearing a gold paisley tie will help you accomplish it. 

Gold is not the most casual color of them all. A gold tie is perfectly suiting for all festive events, such as cocktail parties, weddings, and social gatherings. However, it is also acceptable to wear a gold tie to the office, just leave the glitteriest ones at home. If you happen to be in who-wears-the-freshest-neckwear competition with your colleagues, a refined gold paisley tie will take you to the top positions instantly. Sporting a gold paisley tie will make you look like a confident person who's not afraid of a challenge.

In case you're interested in improving your gold tie collection with more than just paisley pattern, see our extensive list of the most popular gold ties for men.

Gold Paisley Silk Tie

Light and dark gold hues create this busy yet sophisticated patterning. The tie will elevate your business attire and top off any dapper look. Formal Gold Paisley Silk Necktie, €33.95 EUR.

Champagne Gold Paisley Silk Tie

Champagne gold is another timeless classic. Champagne gold is similar to beige color, but what makes a difference is its champagne-like shimmer. This stunning monochromatic paisley tie is extra interesting to the eye because of the refined contrast between matte and shine. A champagne gold paisley tie gives a suit an elegant and sophisticated vibe and makes its wearer look wealthy and respected. Champagne Gold Paisley Silk Necktie, €28.95 EUR.

6. Silver paisley ties

Silver Paisley Ties For Men

On the left: Silver Paisley Silk Tie Set, €36.95 EUR.

On the right: Silver Floral Paisley Silk Tie Set, €34.95 EUR.

A silver paisley tie is a versatile addition to your tie collection. Silver is the fancy brother of grey, enjoying the same psychological effects, only with a gorgeous metallic finish. Silver is a neutral color that is not at all boring, thanks to its beautiful shine. It's the perfect accessory for a man who wants to radiate good taste, elegance, and wealth.

If grey is one of your favorite tie colors, you will surely love a silver tie as well. Reserve your grey ties for more casual days, and your silver ties for all the formal events and festivities. A silver paisley tie will look good with most suit and shirt colors.

Silver Black Paisley Silk Tie

Grey and silver ornamental paisley pattern looks good on a black base. Teardrop-shaped motifs, flowers, and dots are in total balance. The intricate design is mesmerizing to look at and catches the eye with its countless details. Black Silver Paisley Silk Necktie, €27.95 EUR

Silver White Paisley Silk Tie

Light silver, almost platinum silk tie with a navy blue paisley pattern. The navy blue details add the perfect amount of color while still keeping the overall color scheme very neutral. Platinum Silver Paisley Silk Necktie, €27.95 EUR

7. Green paisley ties

Green Paisley Ties For Men

On the left: Green & Gold Paisley Silk Tie Set, €39.95 EUR.

On the right: Teal Paisley Silk Tie Set, €39.95 EUR.

Green is universally pleasing to the eye because it combines both cool and warm undertones (blue and yellow). Green is associated with nature, health, and smart choices, making people automatically connect it with good things. Green is a charismatic color, and like with all colors, choosing the perfect shade is crucial for the right appearance. Whether you want to come across as kind, wise, powerful, reliable, or easy-going, there is a green shade that will help you do the trick.

Dark green hues, such as emerald and jade, symbolize power and wisdom. Olive green and army green will make you look easily approachable and trustworthy. Bluish tones, such as teal and turquoise indicate that you are a fun and energetic person. Light green, mint green, and lime green give off an easy-going, fresh vibe. 

Green Skinny Paisley Tie

This emerald green paisley skinny tie is the only tie on this list that is made of polyester, not silk. Polyester is easy-maintenance, durable, and doesn't crease, but lacks the sumptuous hand-feel of pure silk. If you are into skinny ties and looking for a cheap and solid green paisley tie to add to your selection, look no further. Emerald Green Paisley Skinny Necktie, €18.95 EUR

Lime Green Paisley Silk Tie

A dose of lime green freshens up your suit game. Wear at the office or in semi-casual events in the summer months. Lime Green Paisley Silk Necktie, €28.95 EUR.

8. Purple paisley ties

Purple Paisley Ties For Men

On the left: Fuchsia Violet Paisley Silk Necktie, €33.95 EUR.

On the right: Purple Gradient Paisley Silk Tie Set, €39.95 EUR.

Something is captivating about the color purple. Purple textiles were once so expensive that only royalty could wear it. Today, a purple dye is no more expensive than any other color, yet it is still considered a luxurious and royal color. Purple is also associated with magic, mystery, and the beauty of the universe. 

Stay away from purple and violet paisley ties if you want to pursue a simple look. A purple paisley necktie will make you seem the opposite; interesting, mysterious, and fearless. Purple is not the most traditional tie color and requires some level of confidence to pull off. Darker shades like purple and violet are more intense and create a stronger mental connection to magic and mystery. Lighter shades like lilac and lavender are more subdued and frequently worn on business occasions. 

Purple Rose Gold Paisley Silk Tie

If you aim to look like royalty, there's no better tie to complement your suit than this one. Woven of high-quality Jacquard silk and embellished with purple and rose gold paisley pattern, the mixture for a high-end appearance and sensation is successfully created. Purple & Rose Gold Paisley Silk Necktie, €29.95 EUR.

Purple Violet Magical Paisley Silk Tie

This purple paisley tie is designed for a self-assured man who's not afraid to stand out from the crowd. A mysterious paisley pattern composed of purple, blue, and white elements. A tie as eye-catching as this one demands attention and it is best to keep your other accessories more subdued. Mysterious Purple Paisley Silk Necktie, €33.95 EUR.

9. Yellow paisley ties

Yellow Paisley Ties For Men

On the left: Yellow Large Paisley Silk Tie Set, €41.95 EUR.

On the right: Yellow Delicate Paisley Silk Tie Set, €41.95 EUR.

Yellow is a happy and joyful color. It radiates positive energy and enhances the mood and vibes of the people around you. In general, you don't see many pessimistic and negative men wearing bright yellow ties. A man that wears a yellow tie is viewed as a positive optimist and a cheerful person that is fun to be around. Wearing a yellow tie is a sign of assertiveness. It says "I know what I want and am ready to do anything to get it".

Yellow, as bright and lively as it is, is acceptable to wear regardless of the season, whether it's winter, fall, spring, or summer. A yellow paisley tie will be a great companion to work, business meetings, and special events. The brighter the shade, the more attention it attracts.

Yellow White Paisley Silk Tie

A pearly white silk tie covered with an uplifting yellow paisley floral pattern. Reflecting light beautifully, the texture has a gorgeous delicate shine. The tie comes as a set that includes a matching pocket square and cufflinks. Yellow & Pearly White Paisley Silk Tie Set, €41.95 EUR

Yellow Blue Paisley Silk Tie

Light yellow and blue compose this breezy paisley tie. A pale-toned yellow like this is a great alternative for saturated yellow if you're not thrilled to dress in flashy bright colors. The set includes a pocket square and cufflinks as well. Light Yellow & Blue Paisley Silk Tie Set, €41.95 EUR

10. Orange paisley ties

Orange Paisley Ties For Men

On the left: Orange & Blue Paisley Silk Tie Set, €41.95 EUR.

On the right: Orange & Turquoise Striped Paisley Silk Tie Set, €39.95 EUR.

Orange combines the fierce power of red and the energetic happiness of yellow. It's a color that can be both professional and laid-back at the same time. Orange color in ties is often coupled with heavy contrasts created with black and blue, its complementary color.

Orange symbolizes enthusiasm, open-mindedness, and determination. It boosts positive emotions and creative energy around you and can cheer up an office environment drastically. A bright orange tie can help you make a lasting first impression, so if you're looking to stand out, a vivid orange paisley tie is a top choice. 

Orange Black Paisley Silk Tie

Orange and black are a common color combination in necktie designs. Even though the contrast is strong, the colorlessness of black assures the tie isn't too blatant. This tie design presents an interesting combination of orange paisley motifs and green, blue, and purple stripes. Orange & Black Paisley Silk Necktie, €29.95 EUR.

Tangerine Orange Paisley Silk Tie

Even the sun itself can't compete with the brightness of this brilliant piece. This two-tone orange silk tie with an intricate paisley pattern is a guaranteed conversation starter. Wear to shake things up at the office or to embrace the joy of a summer party. Either way, this tie will surely uplift the spirits of the people you're with. Bright Orange Paisley Silk Necktie, €28.95 EUR.

+ Bonus: Paisley Bow Ties

Paisley Bow Ties For Men

On the left: Sky Blue Paisley Silk Bow Tie, €29.95 EUR.

On the right: Blue & Orange Foulard Paisley Silk Bow Tie, €29.95 EUR.

Paisley bow ties are the perfect alternative for men who think the paisley print itself isn't enough to make a statement. A bow tie is an easy way to stand out and makes you appear friendly, smart, creative, and bold. Plus, you don't have to stress about being over the top with your bow tie since it is such a small part of the whole outfit that it is acceptable for it to be loud.

Blue Gold Paisley Silk Self Tie Bow Tie

There are not many combinations more traditional than blue and gold, and the black base compliments them both. Made of premium Jacquard silk, this self-tie bow tie feels very pleasant to touch. Blue & Gold Paisley Silk Bow Tie, €29.95 EUR.

Brown Modern Paisley Silk Self Tie Bow Tie

A modern paisley pattern composed of brown and light blue swirls. The pattern is a simplified version of the regular paisley pattern, keeping the look clean and uncomplicated. Brown Modern Paisley Silk Bow Tie, €29.95 EUR.


The list of the most popular paisley ties has come to an end and we hope you found a paisley tie of your liking. Incorporating a paisley tie to your suit is quite easy, just remember to have all the colors in your outfit complementing each other. In case you want to read further on the color psychology and what the color of your tie represents, the article What the color of your tie says about you by BBC will give you more insight.

Also, if the price point of the neckwear in this post was right but you're looking for something different, don't forget to visit our Necktie Collection for over 500 classy designs! 


Thank you for reading!

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