15 Best Affordable Automatic Watches For Men

15 Best affordable automatic watches for men
We list the 15 best affordable automatic watches for men. These watches have the best value in terms of durability, versatility and accuracy. All of the automatic watches on this list are under 600 and offer huge value and bang for the buck. This top 15 list brings all the best cheap automatic watches you need in 2019. Without further ado, let's dive into the list!

1. Automatic Timemaster C550 Watch (169.95€ / $191)

Automatic timemaster c550 watch

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The C550 series offers a smooth watch experience. With the original Seiko movement, the wristwatch is able to keep time extremely accurately. The sapphire crystal dial acts as the perfect scratch protector during daily activities. 5 ATM water-resistance makes sure the watch interiors stay dry even during the hardest rain. If you are looking for a standard watch, that offers everything a wristwatch should, with a durable design and versatile usability, the Automatic Timemaster C550 is the one for you. In conclusion, this watch definitely gives the best bang for the buck in our collection. In the price range of under 200, it is hard to find a better men's watch than this.

2. Automatic Tourbillon N900 Watch (289.95€ / $326)

Automatic Tourbillon N900 Watch

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The N900 represents a unique, simple design with a luxurious feel and look. The classy timepiece is equipped with a tourbillon to guarantee an extremely precise movement accuracy. 5 ATM water resistance enables use even during the heaviest rain. It is very easy to separate yourself from the regular guys with the N900 tourbillon watch. With great attention to detail, this watch represents the high-class style, all for a very affordable price. It doesn't get much more reasonable than this with automatic tourbillon wristwatches for men.

3. Automatic Chronometer T810 Watch (64.95€ / $73)

Automatic Chronometer T810 Watch

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The T810 is a standard diver watch with a timeless designer look.  With a great power reserve for the price, this wristwatch makes timekeeping easy and effortless. The Hardlex mineral glass makes sure the watch dial stays clean from scratches and other minor marks on the glass. The heavyish weight of 135g feels very good and luxurious on the hand. While the T810 is one of the cheapest watches on this list, it still packs more value than most +400€ timepieces. Overall, an excellent choice with a durable design and an affordable price.

4. Automatic Tourbillon G701 watch (119.95€ / $135)

Automatic Tourbillon G710 Watch

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The G701 series comes with a beautiful design and luxurious feel. An affordable option for the expensive high-class watches, all without cutting back on the looks, durability or movement. The 3 ATM water resistance keeps the interiors dry when washing hands or during moderate rain. If you are looking for a practical wristwatch with enough designer elements to astonish your friends, look no further. This watch will be one of the cheapest tourbillon watches you can find online. Plus the blue dial of the watch is unquestionably an eyecatcher. The G701 automatic tourbillon series is the perfect choice for a true gentleman.

5. Automatic Skeleton RT4000 Watch (449.95€ / $506)

Automatic Skeleton RT4000 Watch

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The RT4000 series comes with a bubble-like window and a durable leather strap. The hi-beat movement makes the time visuals look extra luxurious as the second-hand tics away at 8tics/second. The display comes with a beautiful skeleton window to the soul of the watch, visualizing the detailed movement. The masterpiece of a watch is also equipped with 5 ATM water-resistance and scratch-resistant sapphire crystal dial window. The RT4000 offers the million dollar watch experience, wrapped in a much, much more affordable price. A pure gentleman's timepiece.

6. Automatic Presage SRPC97J1 Watch (469€ / $524)

Automatic Presage SRPC97J1 Watch By Seiko

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Seiko is known for its durable watches and reliable movements. The Presage series is no different from the standard. With a solid design, this watch excels in everything you would ever need. The Hardlex dial window protects the watch and keeps the possible scratches away. The 5ATM water-resistant design makes sure moisture stays away from the interior during normal daily activities. This wristwatch certainly deserves its place on the 15 best affordable automatic watches for men.

7. Automatic Airmaster SS300 Watch (149.95€ / $168)

Automatic Airmaster SS300 Watch

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The S300 series is a classic watch with a high-beat 4Hz movement. It means that the second hand of the watch tics 8 times within a second instead of the normal one tic per second. On top of the hi-beat movement, the wristwatch comes equipped with 5 ATM water resistance and Hardlex mineral glass. The simplicity of the dial and design makes the SS300 an extremely versatile all-around watch. whether you are looking for a stylish business watch or a handy all-around watch that doesn't require a battery to work, the Airmaster S300 series is for you.

8. Automatic Tourbillon B220 Watch (224.95€ / $253)

Automatic Tourbillon B220 Watch

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The B220 series comes with 2 tourbillons for very cool visuals of accurate timekeeping. This is the watch that will make you look like a billionaire in a blink of an eye. This is the cream of the crop in affordable tourbillon watches. The 146g weight gives the watch a nice, balanced feel and the Hardlex mineral glass keeps the watch dial away from scratches. A great wristwatch for fancy, visual time representation and for showing off. Best suits classy outfits and gentleman's manners.

9. Automatic Brycen CA06448-09L Watch (210€ / $238)

Automatic Brycen CA0648-09L Watch

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Citizen is known for its premium quality watches with affordable prices. This beautiful timepiece uses Eco-Drive technology which means the watch is powered by any form of light. On top of that, it is a chronograph that can measure up to 60 minutes. The 10 ATM water-resistance watch provides tremendous value for money. It is a high-caliber watch with a surprisingly low price tag of only 210€. You will not regret buying this watch.

10. Automatic Tourbillon PD625 Watch (159.95€ / $180)

Automatic Tourbillon PD625 Watch

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The PD625 series is one of a kind skeleton wristwatch that comes with a tourbillon attached to it. The gorgeous, well-balanced watch has a 30-hour power reserve and a protective Hardlex window to prevent scratches to the dial. Due to the semi-heavy design, the PD625 feels much more valuable than what the outstandingly affordable price lets in on. As an additional benefit, the large dial makes it easy to see time even at low lighting situations. This watch is for a man who wants to stand out from the crowd in a classy way.

11. Automatic Chronometer T710 Watch (59.95€ / $67)

Automatic Chronometer T710 Watch

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The T710 series consists of silver and gold color wristwatch strap combined with a unique dial. The watch operates fully automatically and doesn't require a battery to run. The sufficient power reserve of 30 hours will easily get you through the day. Natural hand movement will keep the watch going and, if necessary, it can be easily manually winded. The classic watch design is what makes the T710 series a great choice for a classy gentleman. Being the cheapest and one of the coolest wristwatches on our list, the T710 has earned its spot on the list for the best cheap automatic watches for men. As additional features, the watch is 3 ATM water resistant and the dial is made of Hardlex, an anti-scratch material. You will absolutely enjoy your time after getting this stud.

12. Automatic Panay L770 Watch (199€ / $224)

Automatic Panay L770 Watch

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This masterpiece is equipped with a tourbillon and an automatic movement, so it doesn't require a battery. It has a water resistance of 5 ATM (50 meters) and in addition to the regular time, the dial shows the moon phase and a second timezone. A sapphire crystal dial covers the watch from scratches and the piece is backed up by a 1-year international warranty. The watch suits perfectly for daily use and completes any outfit. As a small bonus, the butterfly clasp is amazingly easy to use in action.

13. Automatic Business O501 Watch (99.95€ / $112)

Automatic Business O501 Watch

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If you're looking for an all-around excellent and versatile watch, the Automatic Business O501 is a top choice. On top of the beautiful design, the watch comes equipped with exquisite automatic movement, 3 ATM water resistance, and Hardlex mineral glass. The soft genuine leather band feels comfortable on the wrist. If you are looking for a classy business watch that doesn't require a battery to work, the Automatic Business O501 series is definitely for you.

14. Automatic T-Classic Swissmatic Watch (390€ / $398)

Automatic T-Classic Swissmatic Watch

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This classic watch by Tissot is a beauty. The watch is definitely among the best casual watches with a reliable automatic movement in its price range. The Everytime Swissmatic watch has a timeless look and will without a question accompany the owner for a long time. The sapphire crystal dial window and 72-hour power reserve is no joke, either. With a brand name watch like this, you will look cool even amongst a group of watch experts.

15. Automatic Luxury RT5000 Watch (549.95€ / $619)

Automatic Luxury RT5000 Watch

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As the fifteenth place on the finest affordable automatic men's watches is the RT5000. The power reserve offers 50 hours of working time at maximum capacity. As an automatic watch, the power reserve regenerates energy from natural hand movement. This comes in extremely handy in the long term as there is never a need for a battery change. The 50m water-resistance makes sure the watch interior stays dry even during a cold morning shower. This is the best dress watch under 600 for sure. With the simple, luxurious design the wristwatch is as versatile as it gets; easy to use with casual wearing as well as with formal suits and dresses. Select your favorite color from 13 different styles, and become the gentleman you deserve to be.

Automatic watches do not require a battery to run. They use natural hand movements to start, charge, and keep the watch running. Most automatic watches also support manual hand winding to charge the battery, similarly to mechanical watches. A common misconception is that watches that work without a battery are expensive and out of reach for a regular man. As you found out from this list of best affordable automatic watches for men, there are plenty of excellent choices in the lower price range categories, too. Furthermore, a watch that uses motion to work is always a cool timepiece to show off to friends and co-workers. The 21st century is a great time to be alive for plenty of reasons, one of them is that you don't have to spend a fortune to get good automatic dress watches. If you are interested to see more affordable men's watches, take a look at our men's watch collection.

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