The Cheapest Tourbillon Watch In The World

The cheapest tourbillon watch in the world
Have you ever wondered where to find the cheapest tourbillon watch in the world? We have discovered the most affordable wristwatch with a tourbillon and it is here. With this watch, you will get the ultimate luxury experience that you are looking for. It will be, without a doubt, one of the best purchases you will ever make. 
Historically, tourbillon watches have only been the leisure of the rich. The best tourbillon watches have astronomical prices and cost anything upwards from $100,000. With price tags like that, a tourbillon watch has traditionally been out of reach for the normal man. The problem has been that, wanting to control the pricing, the biggest watch brands don't openly share their contacts with watchmakers. Since the Chinese watchmakers introduced their version of the tourbillon in 2007, more affordable priced tourbillon watches (~$20,000+) have started to enter the watch market. A newer and cheaper generation of tourbillon watches took over. Still, paying $20,000 for a watch is a very high price to pay, too much for many watch enthusiasts.
A tourbillon is a visible element on a watch, solely designed to counteract the gravitational effect on the accuracy of the watch. In reality, the impact is more about how unique and gorgeous the tourbillon movement is rather than the actual action it is intended to do. Learn more about tourbillon.
Recently, we have found the same Chinese watchmakers that luxury brands use, producing beautiful, high-quality tourbillon movement watches. We discovered that the true costs of a tourbillon are hidden from the average consumer and are really only a small fraction of the price. After all, a tourbillon is mostly a visual element in a wristwatch and doesn't do much to benefit the actual accuracy of the watch. Why should you pay tens or hundreds of thousands solely for an element that is mostly optical? In this article, we will introduce the cheapest tourbillon watch in the world that is unquestionably purchasable and available for everyone. 

The G701 - cheapest tourbillon watch in the world

G701 - The most affordable automatic tourbillon watch in the world

The Automatic Tourbillon G701 is the worlds most affordable tourbillon watch.

The G701 series has it all. With a beautiful design and luxurious feel, it offers the high-class experience like no other. With a price tag of 120€ / $134, the G701 is the cheapest tourbillon watch in the world at the moment. The superb timepiece comes equipped with a date, month, and day dial. It also uses a standard triple-axis tourbillon with a mesmerizing rotation. On top of the comprehensive time visualization, the watch is very durable. The strong 316L stainless steel body is perfect for daily wearing. Furthermore, the 3 ATM water-resistance and crystal clear Hardlex glass deliver excellent endurance in the long term use. Finally, the G701 has a very lasting power reserve of 35 hours. The watch is fully automatic and doesn't need a battery to run. Natural hand movement is enough to charge the watch during a regular day. This is perfect for many watch users because you will never need to worry about changing the battery on your watch.
We tested the watch and it exceeded all expectations in use. We noticed that the battery, when full, can run without any hand movement for 48 hours. That is 13 hours more battery than promised in the description. This means that the G701 can get you through the day with ease, not having to worry if the watch will stop. Also, the actual watch movement is high-frequency movement, which means the second-hand tics multiple times a second instead of the regular 1 tic/second movement. The watch also proved to be very accurate in terms of timekeeping. After a week in use, the watch was off by +4 seconds, which is an outstanding score for an automatic watch. This tourbillon watch is unmistakably one of the best in terms of value for money. For under 1000 you will struggle to find a better watch than the G701 automatic tourbillon series. One of the few 10/10 watches in under 500 price category.
Cheapest tourbillon watch in use
The watch offers more value for money than most watches in the 1000 price range.

If you love tourbillon watches and are thinking of getting yourself one, the G701 offers huge value in the long run. A durable, accurate watch equipped with a tourbillon that costs tens of times less than it's closest competitors. The same watch scored 10/10 on our 3 month test period. As an automatic watch with 48 hours of usage time, you will never need to worry about replacing the battery. Many brands struggle to bring this much value in a 2000 dollar watch. Let's recap the best qualities of the G701 Automatic Tourbillon watch.

  • Tourbillon with a beautiful movement
  • Automatic - doesn't require a battery
  • 35-48 hour power reserve
  • 3 ATM water-resistance
  • Stainless steel body with anti-scratch Hardlex glass
  • Very accurate in use +/- 15 seconds a day
We want everyone to experience the extravagance feel the G701 can offer. All men should, at least once during their lifetime, get their hands on a tourbillon watch with an automatic movement. This is why we offer everyone reading this article an exclusive 15% discount from the G701 tourbillon watch. To get the discount, order your G701 watch via the button below and it will be automatically applied at checkout. 1 Watch/discount MAX.

Get your own worlds cheapest tourbillon watch here

Tourbillons, in general, are visually very pleasing and bring up the value of the watch by a mile. Unlike normal skeleton watches, tourbillons do not show the actual movement of the watch mechanism. Tourbillon is a separate, visual mechanism attached to the watch. They will draw attention and, without a doubt, raise questions and conversation among your friends. Owning a tourbillon watch is not only charming to the ladies, but also a token of appreciation at the workplace. The timepiece is usually very timeless in design and can be passed along to the next generation without having to worry whether the clock is still in fashion or not. It just might be one of the best acquisitions you will ever make. For these simple reasons, a tourbillon watch has been thought to be only available to the rich and wealthy. An affordable tourbillon watch has been out of the question. We at Classy Men Collection specialize in affordable men's fashion and accessories. Join us and, together we can disrupt the industry of fashion giants holding the prices high. The biggest change is made together.

More Affordable Tourbillon Watches

If you are interested in affordable tourbillon watches, or automatic watches in general, make sure to check out our list of 15 best affordable automatic watches for men. The list holds a few tourbillon watches, including the famous double tourbillon watch, and the G701 introduced in this article. One of the best cheap tourbillon watches on the list is the N900.

N900 Tourbillon watch

 At 290€, the N900 tourbillon series is all about class, style, and elegance. It's also the perfect lasting gift idea.

The N900 is very close to the G701 in terms of price. In this case, a higher price also means better overall performance. Exactly like the G701, the N900 is also a fully automatic tourbillon watch with a gorgeous triple-axis tourbillon. With pure sapphire glass and 50-hour power reserve, the N900 series can outplay the G701. Both wristwatches have very much to offer and will undoubtedly satisfy the owners need of luxury watch experience. With both watches having so much to offer, it is hard to say which one has a better quality to price ratio. What we can all agree on is that no matter which one you choose, you are in for a better watch adventure than most watches below 1000 can offer.

Other cool and affordable watches you might like can be found from our watch collection. The collection also includes a lot of other affordable men's watches in the 500 and below price range. If the cheapest tourbillon in the world was a little too fancy, or you just didn't like it in general, the CMC watches will have something that piques your interest. While watches are hands-down one of the best accessories for men, other neat accessories can be worn to complement your look. Check out this list of the best men's accessories for example.

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