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"People will stare. Make it worth their while." - Harry Winston

One of today's most wanted men's accessories is bracelets. Men's bracelets are an increasingly sexy accessory for any casual or formal style. They can improve your style significantly, or bring the much needed slight enhancement and persona to complete your outfit. They can be worn separately or by combining a few to create a classy set. So how do you know what style of bracelets fit you the best? That's exactly what we are here to tell you.

Below we will give you five of the most popular bracelet categories and describe each category for their advantages and common uses. We will also give a few examples after each description to show you the typical items within that genre. The items are shoppable directly on this page, so feel free to support us and get any of the items mentioned.

1. Beaded Bracelets

Beaded bracelets are one of the most common types of bracelets. They come in many shapes and sizes and can easily be combined together. The great thing about beaded bracelets is their affordability. Most of the bracelets in this category are not that heavy on the wallet. The bracelet consists of a stretch string and multiple beads made of different materials. The majority of good quality beaded bracelets are made of refined natural stones (lava stone, marble, obsidian, etc.) or metals (gold, silver, copper, etc.). Mostly the beads are round shaped, but on some occasions, the beads might have a different shape. A lot of men who like to dress, appreciate a nice looking set of beaded bracelets.

Beaded bracelets are proven to be one of the most versatile styles of bracelets. They can be worn with a cool guy look and combined with a leather jacket. They fit laid-back summer styles and they can be worn in formal events, as well. If you are looking for a versatile bracelet that can easily be combined with more bracelets, always go with beads. Even though the best beaded bracelets can be hard to find, we have listed a few excellent beaded bracelets below. If you want to see more, visit our bracelets collection.

2. Chain Bracelets

Chain bracelets are very popular among men. They give the masculine look most men seek and more often than not look extremely cool. The simple design and durability of most chain bracelets is the reason why they are so popular. Unlike beaded bracelets, chain bracelets do not have a stretch string that can fray as time passes. Most chain bracelets are made of metal alloys or precious metals, such as stainless steel, silver, copper, and iron. Chain bracelets are not often combined with other bracelets as they do not tend to look good when combined. However, they will look great and upgrade your style when worn one wristlet at a time.

The durability of chain bracelets is definitely their most attractive quality. Also, if you look to use a certain bracelet for a while, this will be the obvious choice for you. Chain bracelets come in both expensive and affordable categories. Expensive include brands such as Cartier. Unless you are loaded, we'd recommend sticking to the affordable side of chain bracelets. You can find a lot of great quality chain bracelets affordably online. We've listed a few amazing items below. If you want to see more, visit our bracelet collection.

3. Anchor Bracelets

Anchor bracelets are a huge thing today. In fact, they are so big that they are a separate bracelet category instead of just a shape or part of a design. Anchor bracelets are inspired by marine vibes and have a pendant or a clasp shaped like a boats traditional anchor. If you are considering a bracelet for casual wear, anchor bracelets will fit you perfectly. Commonly, anchor bracelets consist of either leather or rope as the strap material. Anchor bracelets can be seen worn by celebrities and fashion icons all over the world. You can find anchor bracelets with excellent quality for an affordable price if you know where to look. Anchor bracelets can be seen worn together with a wristwatch and sunglasses for the complete casual summer look.

The concept of anchor bracelets has trended upwards during this decade. This is very much due to the popularity of social media and the era of new uprising fashion retailer brands. They represent the new generation and the idea of enjoying life without worrying too much. If you want to follow the trends and be on top of today's fashion, anchor bracelets should be the obvious choice. We've listed a few favorites below. If you want to see more, visit our bracelet collection.

4. Leather Bracelets

Leather bracelets are very efficient and provide sleek detail to the outfit. They come in very neutral colors and therefore easily amalgamate to any set. Like beaded bracelets, leather bracelets also look great when combined with other wristlets. A lot of men who regularly use leather bracelets, wear them a few at a time. In durability, they usually don't quite reach up to the standards of chains, but can be included in daily wear for years with ease. They are very gentle to the wrist and feel comfortable while wearing. When it comes to material, there are genuine leather bracelets and synthetic leather bracelets, both of which can have a great lifespan.

If you are in the search for the best men's bracelet, you definitely shouldn't rule out leather bracelets. Today, leather is among the most common materials used in bracelets. It represents adventure and portrays the inner tough guy you didn't know you always had. As you've probably guessed, we have listed a few beautiful leather bracelets below for you.

Fun fact: The average consumer is wearing four leather products at any given time.

5. Wellness Bracelets

As we have entered the 21st century, wellness bracelets have become more and more popular. They are also called balance bracelets, meaning that they will bring balance and stability to your life when worn. The majority of wellness bracelets are made of beads or parts, each part has its purpose and together all of the parts create the balance and wellness. Some parts can be magnetic as well. A lot of wellness bracelets originate from the Buddhist culture and the elements related to the culture; earth, fire, wood, water, and metal. Some are related to the seven factors of enlightenment. Even though there is no scientific evidence of the wellness bracelets and their functionality, there might be some truth to them. Some people claim to have had a much more positive and productive life after wearing a wellness bracelet for a while.

Wearing wellness bracelets are not necessarily considered to be on top of the fashion at the moment, but more as a reminder to stay calm, enjoy things and relax. Regardless of whether wellness bracelets are in fashion or not, there are some extremely cool and fashionable ones out there. If this is something that you want to try or if you are familiar with wellness bracelets, we have a few nice recommendations for you below.

Thank you for reading our article about the best men's bracelets today. If you wish to support us and order any of the bracelets mentioned in this blog post, feel free to do so. We have free worldwide shipping and the best quality for the price on the market. Be sure to check out our related posts below for more awesome articles.


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