Best Wallets For Men

Best wallets for men

Searching for a good looking, quality wallet with affordable price?

Wallets. They are without a doubt a useful accessory for anyone who carries around currency in any form. However, wallets are not as useful as what they were a decade ago as most of the available money is in electronic form. Credit and debit cards along with personal ID cards are the most common combination of items in any wallet. Most people, especially people in the business world, do not carry around a wallet full of cash with them, not to talk about coins. Furthermore, the overall need for wallets has made it very hard for smaller brands to rise over much bigger household brands such as Tommy Hilfiger, Gucci etc. Most wallets you are able to find today are big brand overpriced wallets or the cheap ones found from different illegal street vendors and stores along the beach road in many sunny tourist destinations.

We are going to walk you through five excellent alternative choices for the best wallets for men. Our list consists of different looks varying from more traditional wallets to cardholders and more modern RFID protecting technology possessing pieces. All of the listed men's wallets give out a great quality and come with an affordable low price. Let's get started!

1. Classy Men Fashion Wallet Blue | 29.95€

Blue fashion wallet by CMC

Great choice if you're looking for an affordable quality wallet with a beautiful look. This wallet is designed to rise on top of today's fashion trends. The affordable price offers a unique looking wallet with great sustainability. No need to spend fortunes for a wallet, leave some of that money to be held in it. Comes with a beautiful white interior and a design that makes heads turn. This is a more traditional wallet with a modern twist with its color and design.

2. Magic Leather Wallet | 18.95€

Magic leather wallet by CMC

This very simple looking, and affordable wallet can do magic! The wallet holds a total of six different cards. Notes and bills can be stored in the wallet. The leather quality holds up against some of the more expensive wallets. The sleek design enables it to fit neatly into your pocket. To do magic: open it and insert a folded bill on top of either inner side, close the wallet and open it from the other side. You will find that your bill is nicely tucked in the wallet. Cool!

3. RFID Protected Card Holder | 29.95€

RFID Protected Card Holder by CMC

This particular card holder keeps all your business cards organized with style! The stainless steel frame keeps all of your business cards protected and in the same place. RFID protection guarantees you don't need to worry about electronic pickpocketing. The ultra-thin case is very convenient to use. Definitely one of the best and most affordable wallets for men today. Polished and brushed stainless steel combined creates a beautiful, sleek look for the case.

4. Royal Black Leather Wallet | 49.95€

Royal Black Leather Wallet by CMC

A black wallet is always a great choice for a man. This classy men's royal wallet offers premium quality and build. Made of first layer leather and designed to go the distance with you. With this price, there is not a match for this quality wallet out there. You can select the wallet between wide and fine grain wallet, with or without a zipper. You don't need another wallet after this. Suits best for a man who likes to dress formally but can also accompany casual dressers.

5. Simple Leather Wallet | 29.95€

Best Simple Leather Wallet for Men

This very simple and more traditional looking wallet is among the best of its kind. It offers a great feel to a hand with the genuine cowhide leather design. The affordable price tag gives you the kind of quality that's hard to find in any under fifty wallets online. The deep brown color makes this beauty the perfect wallet to hold your money and cards in. For a simple leather design and a quality feel, look no further.

Best Wallet For Men

Choosing the perfect wallet for you might be harder than you think. How do you know what type of wallet suits you the best? You might want to start by looking at how many cards you have in total and, how many of them do you actually need. Put away the old bonus and discount cards for stores that you've never used before. Take the cards that you use daily (primary) and weekly/monthly (secondary).

Next, you should consider your situation with cash. How much and what type of cash do you carry around? A wallet should never have too many coins in it. Take out your coins (if you have any) and only leave the ones with the most value, preferably leave none at all. If you have bills, decide what would be a reasonable amount to keep with you. We would recommend keeping anywhere between 0-150€ with you. 

Now that you have knowledge of how many cards and how much physical currency you are carrying, you can decide what type of wallet you need. Best wallets for men are the ones that can carry everything you use daily. If you only have cards, you should go for something like a cardholder or a card case. If you have cash and cards you should go for a more traditional billfold wallet. The perfect wallet for you is one that fits your needs and houses your essential cards, money and ID cards.

Think about where you keep your wallet most of the time when traveling with it. A backpack, a suitcase or perhaps your pocket. Slim wallet designs are a better fit for pockets. Heavier and larger designs are better suited for backpacks and bags. Make sure you don't get a wallet that's too large to be held in a pocket. The last thing you want is to be stuck with a too large wallet that you have to carry around in your hand.

Best wallets for men

Get these men's wallets here.

It all boils down to personal preference. If you prefer to have a larger leather wallet, you should get one. If you prefer to have a metallic card holder instead, go for it. Just remember to keep your wallet clean of too many receipts, coins, and other nonessentials. It helps you have a more professional look and keep you more organized. Well organized wallet shows others how well you manage your life.


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