Mens Ring Style Today - What's In Style Now?

Are mens rings in style
Men's rings are a topic we get asked about often. The most common questions include if men's rings are still in style, and how many rings can be worn at the same time. This article answers these questions and gives solid recommendations on how and what to wear when it comes to men's ring style. Let's dig into it!

Are men's rings in style today?

In short, Yes. Rings among men are very popular today and in style worldwide. Rings have a long history of acting as a small accessory for any outfit type. Depending on your style and preference, rings can be worn one piece at a time, or in groups of many. Rings can also act as a statement or visual message. Wedding and engagement rings are a great example of how some rings can have a deeper meaning other than pure style.
A quick Wikipedia search about wedding rings reveals that wedding rings are known to have been used some 6,000 years ago. So, if you just bought a few nice rings and are now wondering if they are in style or not, you can exhale and relax. Rings among the male community are still widely used. Take a look at this graph of global search volume for men's rings dating from 2004 to this day:
Mens rings search volume by time
The popularity of men's rings worldwide (2004 - present).

What's in style now

Affordability and good quality are one of the largest trends today. People prefer stainless steel as it is durable and stays in good shape for a long time. Stylewise, rings are often simplistic or have a cool pattern/design to further bring out the wearers personality. If you enjoy wearing rings daily, the ring should be able to take a hit or two as well as outlast corrosion. A general rule of thumb is to wear a maximum of 3 rings in total. However, today a lot of men use this as a "per hand" rule to bring it to a total of 6 rings.

If you are new to wearing rings, remember that everyone has a personal style. A ring that looks great on someone else, might not fit your style. Newcomers might want to start with something more simplistic and go from there. Men with a long background with rings can more easily identify their style. Larger rings and more complex ring patterns can be hard to carry. Especially, if your style has not yet grown on you. If you are looking to find a new style or just to find recommendations on different ring types, keep reading.

Sometimes it can be hard to find suitable and cool rings. Even the most ringwise experienced men can struggle to find new, affordable rings that complement their style. We have listed a few nice ring options below that are very popular among our community. 

Classic titanium rings (no pattern)

Men's ring for beginners

(Black, silver, gold) This beautiful ring is a great all-around choice for any ring collection. The simple design doesn't draw much attention. Very durable and smooth to the hand, great for daily use. If you are new to wearing rings, this is where you should start.

Large steel rings (no pattern)

Large steel rings for men

(Silver, black) Generally, large rings might be hard to pull off. This large steel ring makes an exception to the rule. Without any decorative design, it's fairly easy to combine with outfits and other rings. This is a great choice for someone who has little to no experience with rings.

Rings with personality

Men's rings with personality

(Chain ring, Tribal ring) Rings with designs or patterns bring character and personality to the wearer. If you are looking to create your style or are familiar with your style, these rings are definitely in your ballpark. Tribal and chain patterns are strong outfit enhancers and might be hard to wear if you are still finding your style. These rings are a perfect choice for men who live an active life.

 Wood rings

Wood rings for men

(Mahogany ring, Koa wood ring) Wood rings for men are a category of their own. They have a special, exquisite look. Wood on a ring tells others you are more close to the earth and relaxed. Steel and wood together combine to a unique combination that is very pleasing to the eye. For the beautiful aesthetics, wood rings suit perfectly for both experienced and inexperienced users. 

Complex rings

Complex rings for men

(Signet ring, Egyptian ring) Complex designs on rings are in high demand. Complexity is often paired with gold or black and gold colors. These types of rings ask the wearer to be experienced with rings. To be able to carry these rings properly, your style needs to be established. Large and complex rings bring a great number of benefits when worn, but can also be a turn off for others if they don't fit your look or personality.

If you feel like you didn't find what you were searching for, make sure to check out our full ring collection.

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