Top 20 Popular Cross Necklaces For Men Today

Popular cross necklaces for men

Men's cross necklaces are extremely popular today for a good reason. Not only cross necklaces are good-looking and trendy, but they are also effortless to wear and easy to pull off. If you're looking for the most popular cross pendants & necklaces for men, you've come to the right place.

Cross pendants and necklaces have been worn by men for ages. The main reason for the popularity of cross necklaces is their strong symbolism. Most commonly crosses symbolize religion, faith, strength, hope, loyalty, and trust. In a world full of variety and options, we have put this list together to help you easily find the most popular cross necklace styles, and some inspirational photos on how to wear them. 

Without further ado, let's get to it! 

1. Men's gold cross necklaces

Men's gold cross necklaces and pendants with a chain

On the left: Gold Tapered Cross Pendant Necklace, €34.95 EUR

On the right: Long Gold Cross Pendant Necklace, €44.95 EUR

Men's gold cross necklaces are one of the most wanted types of cross necklaces for men. If you're looking for a personal cross necklace with high quality and timeless tones golden crosses are what you should go for. A gold chain with a cross is among the most popular jewelry seen on men today. Gold as a color is often associated with love, compassion, courage, and wisdom. Furthermore, because of the high value of gold as a precious metal, gold-toned jewelry is also linked to a wealthy life, high-class social status, and enhanced overall quality of life.

Golden cross pendant with a gold chain is often a very personal combination and, subsequently, makes one of the best gifts to give a man. Most Christians all around the world go through the confirmation school around the age of 15. Among the most appreciated confirmation gifts are gold & gold-toned cross necklaces. In conclusion, you can't go wrong with the combination of a gold cross and a gold chain.

Gold Christian cross necklace with chain

Simple yet interesting, this basic gold-toned Christian cross necklace is the best seller for a reason. If a standard gold cross with a chain is all you need, this is it in a very affordable package. Gold Christian Cross Necklace, €25.95 EUR

Rounded gold cross necklace with chain

This stunning necklace was designed for men with demanding taste. A beautiful rounded gold cross necklace with a fitting rope chain, made of polished high-quality 316L stainless steel. Suits well for formal occasions, as well as for casual ones. Rounded Gold Cross Necklace, €53.95 EUR

2. Silver cross necklaces

Men's silver cross necklaces and pendants with a chain

On the left: Small Flat Silver Christian Cross Necklace, €25.95 EUR

On the right: Rounded Silver Cross Necklace, €53.95 EUR

Men's silver cross necklaces are, not only the most neutral in color but, the second most popular cross necklace category at the moment. Silver-toned necklaces have made their mark as a global standard already a few decades ago. Silver is associated with the meanings of elegant, modern, classy, and sophisticated. Silver cross chains are the go-to accessory for many men and they can improve any outfit regardless of the event you are going to.

With a strong connection with religion, crosses represent faith, loyalty, and trust. They can act as the symbol of hope during tough times and the friendly companion during good days. Most men who prefer silver crosses say they never get tired of the neutral tone of silver. If you are new to wearing necklaces, a silver cross pendant with a chain is one of the best ways to start. 

Simple silver cross pendant necklace

This simple silver cross pendant has proven its popularity year after year. Its optimal size and solid thickness make it aesthetically one of the best crosses on the market. Simple Silver Cross Necklace, €29.95 EUR

Long silver cross pendant necklace

This one is a bit longer than the average cross. Men who are looking for something more than a regular cross will love this. A polished, high-class look. Long Silver Cross Necklace, €44.95 EUR

3. Black Cross Necklaces

Black cross necklaces with a chain

On both images: Black Christian Cross Pendant Necklace, €24.95 EUR

Men's black cross necklaces come in as the third most popular category of men's crosses. A black cross is an excellent option if you are looking for something unique and personal. In jewelry, and in general, black is not a flashy color like gold and silver. It makes a perfect necklace color for people who like to keep to themselves, identify as anti-social, or are not keen to showboat their social status through jewelry.

Out of all colors, black has the strongest symbolical meaning. It symbolizes power, mystery, authority, elegance, and rebellion. You can never go wrong wearing black jewelry.

Black small christian cross necklace with a silver chain

This black cross is a flat design and looks good with everything. It is made of stainless steel and will last better than most crosses on the market. Small Flat Black Christian Cross Necklace, €23.95 EUR

Long black cross necklace with a silver chain

A simple black cross with long design and durable stainless steel material. Long Black Cross Necklace, €39.95 EUR

4. Lord's prayer cross necklaces

Gold Lord's Prayer necklace and black Lord's Prayer necklace with a chain

On the left: Gold Lord's Prayer Plate & Cross Necklace, €43.95 EUR

On the right: Black Bible Verse Cross Necklace, €19.95 EUR

Lord's Prayer, also known as Our Father, is the most popular invocation in the Christian Bible and can be found from both Matthew 6:9-13 and Luke 11:2-4. It makes sense that many like to combine the cross, a global symbol of religion and faith, with the Lord's prayer.

Deeply religious men and modern hipsters will most definitely appreciate this combination in a necklace. A cross necklace with the lord's prayer on it is sometimes quoted as the ultimate religious jewelry piece in the world. Bible verses are not often seen in necklaces and so these cross pendants can be a great, unique gift idea for religious men.

Silver bible verse cross pendant with a chain

A silver-toned cross with the Lord's Prayer bible verse written on it with a laser. This one is constantly praised by its excellent price/quality ratio. Silver Bible Verse Cross Necklace, €22.95 EUR

silver cross and plate necklace with the Lord's Prayer on it

A silver cross and dog-tag plate dual-pendant with the Lord's Prayer engraved on it. Dual pendants look special and personal compared to regular cross necklaces. Silver Lord's Prayer Plate Necklace, €43.95 EUR

5. Rosary cross necklaces

Rosary cross necklaces for men

On the left: Wooden Rosary Bead Necklace, €21.95 EUR

On the right: Brown Rosary Pendant Necklace, €16.95 EUR

Rosary cross necklaces are a popular necklace-type among people who pray often. They consist of a cross called crucifix, first beads, connecting piece, and five different sections known as the five decades. Different parts of the rosary necklace represent different prayers.

Most like to follow the prayers specifically meant for certain beads and some like to decide their prayers for specific beads or sections by themselves. Rosary necklaces are commonly considered as good luck charms and protective amulets and make a great gift idea. 

Black beaded rosary cross necklace

A black rosary necklace with a wooden cross and beads to separate the five decades. This is the most popular rosary cross for men today. Black Rosary Cross Necklace, €24.95 EUR

Black rosary necklace with stainless steel cross

This one is for men who prefer their necklaces shiny and metallic. Black beads with silver-toned metal are a gorgeous combination any day. Black Metallic Rosary Necklace, €17.95 EUR

6. Crucifix cross necklaces

Crucifix cross necklaces for men

On the left: Gold Jesus INRI Crucifix Necklace, €42.95 EUR

On the right: Black Jesus INRI Crucifix Necklace, €39.95 EUR

Everyone who follows men's fashion icons on Instagram or sees them in magazines knows that crucifixes are one of the biggest men's accessory trends during the past few decades. A crucifix means the cross Jesus was crucified on, hence the name crucifix. It is often visualized with Jesus on it. In movies, a crucifix necklace is often seen hanging from the rearview mirror of cars or at homes dangling from the corners of painting frames.

The simple reason for the popularity of crucifix crosses is what they represent; they are the embodiment of human behavior. The suffering Jesus serves as the symbol of the redemption of mankind. Moreover, crucifixes are widely used as protective amulets against all evil in the world.

Wooden silver crucifix cross pendant hanging from a silver chain

A luxurious wooden crucifix mixed with silver-toned stainless steel. If you are looking for a crucifix cross made of wood, this is it. Silver Wood Crucifix Necklace, €49.95 EUR

Silver crucifix Jesus Cross Necklace

This is one of the best selling crucifix pendants with a chain at the moment. It simply has something other crucifixes don't have. Silver Jesus INRI Crucifix Necklace, €42.95 EUR

7. Two-tone cross necklaces

Two-tone cross necklaces for men

On the left: Black & Silver Christian Cross Necklace, €34.95 EUR

On the right: Black Gold Cross Pendant Necklace, €26.95 EUR

Two-toned cross necklaces are very popular among men because of their appealing visual presence. A multicolored cross separates itself from the ocean of regular single-color cross necklaces. A cross pendant with more than one color is instantly a more personal item with an interesting design. Most two-tone crosses are built with a metal exterior and a stone or resin interior to give depth and contrast to the colors. If you are looking for something different or special, a black & silver or black & gold cross might be just what you need.

Silver gold & black designer syriac cross necklace

The designer Syriac cross is one of the best looking crosses on this list. It consists of a polished silver base with a brushed silver cross and a black plate decorated with gold linings and a golden cross in the middle. Silver Gold Black Designer Syriac Cross Necklace, €59.95 EUR

Black on black cross pendant necklace

One of the most complimented crosses on the list is the black on black cross pendant. If you are looking for a personal black cross, this will not let you down. Black On Black Cross Necklace, €30.95 EUR

8. Unique cross necklaces

Unique cross necklaces for men

On the left: Black Eagle Cross Charm Necklace, €39.95 EUR

On the right: Gold Designer Templar Cross Necklace, €26.95 EUR

Unique cross necklaces are often preferred by men looking to separate themselves from the masses. Furthermore, unique crosses are the eighth-most searched category of men's cross necklaces. An uncommon cross necklace with a change-making design can help, not only to be a trailblazer but, emphasize the best qualities of your personality. Unique cross pendants have been in high demand from the beginning of the 21st century and, as more designs are made, they are not going anywhere anytime soon. If you are looking for even more style inspiration, you can check out this article about the best chains & necklaces for men.

Damascus steel cross pendant necklace

Damascus steel is known for its hardness and wavy, water-like surface. Durable, high-end design, top-tier materials, and aesthetically near perfect. What more do you need from a cross necklace? Damascus Steel Cross Necklace, €69.95 EUR

Silver designer Syriac cross necklace

A gorgeous fully silver Syriac cross for men. This unique masterpiece is a variation of the Syriac cross from the previous category. Silver Designer Syriac Cross Necklace, €64.95 EUR

9. Cross plate necklaces

Cross plate necklaces for men

On the left: Silver Shield of Faith Necklace, €39.95 EUR

On the right: Silver Cross Dog Tag Necklace, €37.95 EUR

Wearing a cross plate necklace is a great way to introduce some life into your outfit. A cross plate pendant can light up your style, and they are especially popular with casual and smart-casual outfits. Plates and dog tags can look a bit bulky sometimes so it is critical to be sure this is what you want to wear. If worn with correct clothes, a cross plate necklace can be your best friend. In terms of cross necklaces, cross plates and tags are a different breed. They are very popular among the "cool guys" of the younger generations.

Black shield of faith necklace

The black shield of faith necklace is of the best-selling cross plates around. The cover of the plate is centered by a cross that is surrounded by prayer. Many feel that this is a great protective amulet against evil. Black Shield of Faith Necklace, €37.95 EUR

Gold cross dog tag necklace

A colorful gold-toned cross plate suits most outfits with ease. Whether you are searching for a protective amulet, a dog tag necklace, or a cross pendant, you will be happy with this one. Gold Cross Dog Tag Necklace, €39.95 EUR

10. Ankh cross necklaces

Ankh cross necklaces for men

On both images: Silver Ankh Cross Necklace, €29.95 EUR

Ankh crosses have gained popularity during the last few decades. As the ancient Egyptian culture started to be a regular movie topic pyramids, pharaohs, and Egyptian artifacts became increasingly more fascinating. Ankh, the symbol of life, resembles a regular cross exception for the circle at the top instead of the top hand of the cross. Ankhs bring a mysterious vibe to an outfit. An ankh cross is a great gift idea because of its symmetrical, simple shape and positive metaphorical association. 

Gold ankh cross necklace

The gold-toned Egyptian ankh is one of the best and most popular ankh crosses on the market. As the symbol of life, an ankh goes well with any outfit. Gold Ankh Cross Necklace, €29.95 EUR

Black ankh cross necklace

The black stainless steel ankh is the last - but not least - item on the list of the most popular men's cross necklaces. Wearing a black ankh necklace is always a great look. Black Ankh Cross Necklace, €28.95 EUR


The list of the most popular cross necklaces has come to an end and we hope you found the answers you were looking for. To find a variety of affordable men's necklaces in many styles, don't forget to visit our Men's necklaces collection.

Thank you for reading!


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