10 Style-Related Life Hacks Every Man Must Know

We all know some life-changing small tricks that make a huge difference in whatever it is we're doing. We are here to share with you our 10 easy style-related hacks, that makes looking good and being stylish a lot easier. Many of them even save you some money! Let's get to it!

10. Freshen up your kicks

How to clean your kicks

Taking good care of your shoes will make them last in a good shape for much longer. This way you don't need to buy new shoes that often!

We all love that fresh and clean look of newly bought shoes. Clean and neat shoes are always in fashion and make you look good and stylish. Tip number ten gives your kicks a fresh look after they are worn and not looking brand new anymore. Clean the shoes with the right cleaners. Visit a shoe store or search online for the cleaning instructions for your exact shoes. The worst thing you could do is to use the wrong cleaners that ruin the material of your shoes.

Most sneakers can be cleaned with mild soap water. For leather shoes, use beeswax or colored wax to give the leather a nice, healthy shine. And don't forget about the shoelaces! Wash them in the washing machine in a washing bag. If washing isn't enough, throw the old ones away and replace them with new ones. Shoelaces are inexpensive and make a huge difference in the outlook of the shoes. So, instead of walking in threadbare shoes or buying a new pair, give your shoes a touch-up every once in a while to keep them looking fresh and clean and you looking fashionable and stylish.

9. Always choose to be active

Maintain active lifestyle

Being active has many benefits - including increased energy levels and feeling better. Want to look good while exercising? Get a couple of bracelets from here like this guy.

An active lifestyle is much valued by both men and women. Choose to be active in any possible situation. Lift or stairs? Take the stairs. Looking for something fun to do? Go play basketball or whatever your favorite sport is. Friends asking you out and you're not sure whether you want to go? Go. At least you'll get something to think back later.

If gym, running or other exercise is not on your weekly schedule, make a habit of doing 50 pushups, situps and squats every time you're about to take a shower. It will instantly uplift your mood, give you energy and boost your metabolism just to name a few. You will also look better in clothes (and without) if you have been working out. 

8. Make sure your sunglasses are a great fit

Best sunglasses for your face shape

Find the perfect pair of sunglasses for any face shape from our affordable collection of Classy Men's Sunglasses.

Before you go and buy a new pair of sunglasses (or any eyeglasses), do your homework and make sure you know what kind of sunglasses suit your face shape. There are too many people who don't have the slightest clue of what shape their glasses should be and end up spending a huge amount of money to glasses they are never going to truly like. So, instead of spending a lot of money to the wrong kind of sunglasses that end up being useless, do yourself a favor, read our simple guide and find out the perfect shape of glasses to go with your face shape!

7. Use whitening toothpaste

Use whitening toothpaste

White teeth are a sign of good health.

Pay attention to the color of your teeth. It’s easy to forget about it, but everybody else sees your teeth every time you open your mouth. Having good teeth is one of the major things that makes you look healthy and attractive, in both men's and women's eyes. No wonder why all actors have perfectly white teeth.

However, not everyone has the money to whiten their teeth at a professional. If getting your teeth whitened by a professional is not an option, just change your toothpaste to a whitening one to get closer to those pearly whites while maintaining a low budget. Remember to do your research before buying the toothpaste, since some of them might be harmful to your enamel. Drugstores usually offer more gentle options than markets.

6. Give your tie a special tie


Want to be extra classy and stand out with your suit style? Do a special tie knot! Try for example the half Windsor knot (instructions in the photo above). An extraordinary tie knot is an easy detail to add to your dapper look. If you're looking for a new tie to tie, visit our tie collection. Or, if you're looking for inspiration for tieing your tie, read our easy guide for special tie knots. And, if you think that a special tie knot takes too much time before an event, don't worry! Tie the knot the day before. Just throw the tie on before the event, button your collar, tighten the tie up, and you're ready to go!

5. Store your suits properly

Store your suits properly

Suits should be hung with wood hangers.

Once you've invested in a well-fitting suit, you obviously want it to last as long as possible. Avoid using wire hangers as they may damage or stretch out your suit (or any other clothing for that matter). The best option is to use a cedar wood hanger. Cedar wood absorbs moisture and acts as a repellent for moths. If possible, use a garment bag to keep the suit dust-free.

4. Take care of your garments

Read care labels carefully

Read the care labels carefully.

Take good care of everything you own. Avoid ruining the materials by reading the care labels thoroughly. Always choose air-drying over dryer machine. A salad dryer is great for drying delicate wools. However, if your shirt is wrinkled but you hate ironing (who doesn't), throw the shirt in the dryer with some ice cubes. No more wrinkles!

3. Save money by buying only versatile pieces

Classy style by Classy Men Collection

Buy clothes and accessories that are easily combined.

Looking to have an effortless wardrobe that consists of timeless and classy pieces? When you're shopping, buy all your basic pieces in neutral colors, like black, grey and white. Neutral colors are always stylish and combining them is easy, even in a hurry. Keep your style simple, neutral, classic and choose dark colors over light ones. Have one well-fitting, classy coat, like the one on the first picture. It will make almost any outfit look elegant!

2. Stand up straight 

Good posture vs bad posture

Which posture are you? Photo credits: www.returnofkings.com.

The amount of people who slouch is almost unbelievable. Working while sitting and using a smartphone are both big factors in peoples postures getting worse. It easily goes to the point where you are hunched over your computer screen when you're at work and hunched over your smartphone when you're off work.

Maintaining good posture is a major factor in how attractive you look to others, and how attractive you feel inside. Standing short and hunched is frankly unattractive. Stand up straight, stand wide, take up space, and hold your head high. Standing with a good posture has many benefits, including looking taller, slimmer, more powerful and confident, not to mention it will make you feel like you're all those things.

1. Make sure to give the impression you want

Make a great first impression

You only have one shot to nail meeting someone for the first time, so make sure you do it well.

Lifehack number one is something that's importance cannot be praised enough. Whenever you meet a new person, you have one shot to make a great first impression. Whether you make a great one or a poor one, it will be remembered. For a long time. That's why one of the most important things you can learn is to make a great first impression. Once you take the time to study and understand what it takes, you will never again have to worry about a first impression going south. It's not rocket science and anyone can learn how to do it. With our simple guide, you know what a good first impression requires and how it's achieved. Once you know the basics and start practicing with the people you meet, you will notice what a big difference it makes.


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