Top 20 Popular Green Ties For Men Today

Popular green ties for men

Green ties are very popular today for a good reason. A green tie is not only good-looking and trendy at the moment, but also effortless to wear and easy to pull off. If you're looking for the most popular green ties & neckties for men, you've come to the right place.

Green neckties & cravats have been worn by men for decades. The main reason for the popularity of green ties is their dominant symbolism. Most commonly, the color green on a tie symbolizes life, nature, energy, freshness, loyalty, and trust. Furthermore, men who wear a green tie are often perceived as reliable, down-to-earth individuals with peaceful intentions and a high IQ.

In a world full of variety and options, we have put this list together to help you easily find the most popular green tie styles, along with some inspirational photos on how to wear them. 

Without further ado, let's get to it! 

1. Dark green ties

Dark green ties on a blue suit and a black suit

On the left: Dark Green Novelty Dog Silk Tie, €36.95 EUR

On the right: Dark Green Floral Silk Tie, €54.95 EUR

A dark green tie is the most popular choice on the list. Many men prefer dark green over other tones because of the versatility of the color. Dark green combines nicely with a blue suit as well as with a black, brown, and even a grey suit. On a suit, a dark green necktie does not pop out like other shades of green, making it a desirable option for work and formal business occasions.

Wearing a checked color like dark green gives the appearance of being in control of the situation. Moreover, men with a dark green necktie often appear more charming and understanding than men with a bright-colored tie.

As a style-tip, try combining your dark green tie with a yellow pocket square. Because dark green goes perfectly together with different shades of yellow and gold, you will look like a true gentleman coupling these two colors.

When looking for a versatile necktie that makes you look confident and attractive in an instant, there is no better option than a dark green tie.

Dark green floral tie

This simple yet captivating dark green necktie is among the most loved ties on the list. It has a navy blue floral pattern going across the tie, and the material is high-quality silk. Dark Green Floral Tie, €35.95 EUR

Black and green feather tie made of silk

A black and green tie, covered with a beautiful feather pattern. This tie is an excellent choice when attending a formal event. It is also an Italian design necktie made of pure silk. Black & Green Feather Tie, €49.95 EUR

2. Emerald green ties

Emerald green ties on a black suit and blue suit

On the left: Emerald Green Floral Silk Tie, €47.95 EUR

On the right: Emerald Green & Gold Circle Silk Tie, €40.95 EUR

Emerald green tie is the second most popular on the list. Emerald green is a specific mixture of blue and yellow that, together, produces a color identical to the color of a natural emerald gemstone. The color has a deep, bluish undertone with a dominant green hue, establishing a nice, even royal-like appearance known as emerald green.

Emerald green ties are mostly worn at work, weddings, parties, and other formal events. Depending on how formal the occasion, an emerald green tie is often combined with a matching pocket square, tie clip, and cufflinks. A man wearing an emerald green necktie is often seen as a well-balanced individual with good luck and positivity all-around him.

Emeralds and their color inspire growth and peace. Therefore, an emerald-colored tie can be exactly what you need when attending a job interview, business meeting, or simply when trying to establish yourself as a steady character at the workplace.

Emerald green silk tie

This emerald green tie is among the most popular on the list. The design is a fine stripe pattern that looks great on the silk tie. Emerald Green Silk Tie, €29.95 EUR

Emerald green silk paisley tie

This stunning necktie was designed for men with demanding taste. A beautiful emerald green and gold paisley tie made of 100% woven silk. The tie suits well for formal occasions, as well as for casual ones. Emerald Green & Gold Silk Paisley Tie, €39.95 EUR

3. Mint green ties

Mint green ties on a black suit and blue suit

On the left: Mint Green Paisley Silk Tie, €48.95 EUR

On the right: Mint Green Static Noise Silk Tie, €44.95 EUR

A mint green tie is the third most popular choice on the list. Mint green, very similar to turquoise, is the color of water in the tropic. It is a mixture of light green, menthol, and sky blue that, together, provide the fresh tone of mint green.

Mint green ties are known to bring positivity and relieve stress in the people around the man who wears one. Furthermore, a man wearing a mint green necktie is often perceived as a calm, inspirational character who can handle his business with a positive mindset.

Because the color reminds people of a paradise, mint green or turquoise tie is a great choice when trying to avoid arguments, and show people you can have a rational conversation to solve problems.

Mint green neckties are also a nice party accessory. Weddings, birthday parties, holidays and other potentially positive events are all a suitable occasion for a mint green or turquoise tie.

Mint green tie

This classic mint green tie is made of silk. The pattern is a delicate square pattern that flows smoothly throughout the fabric. Mint Green Tie, €34.95 EUR

Mint green floral cotton tie

A floral pattern skinny tie made of 100% cotton. This one is a bit more affordable option and is perfect for positive occasions. Mint Green Skinny Floral Cotton Tie, €19.95 EUR

4. Light green ties

Light green floral tie on a wine red suit and lime green tie on a black suit

On the left: Light Green Floral Rose Leaves Tie, €42.95 EUR

On the right: Lime Green Camouflage Silk Tie, €29.95 EUR

A light green tie comes in as the fourth most popular favorite on the list. Light green is a color mix between blue, green, and yellow. It has a warm tone and a gentle touch of green in it. When it comes to neckties, lime green and light green are often in the same category because of their similar appearance. Light and lime green ties offer an effortless way to create a defined gentleman-like look.

A light green tie brings life to the usually dark-themed suits. Men who wear a light green or lime green tie are often perceived as successful, innovative trailblazers, with an open mind. Light green is also the color of prosperity, rebirth, and ecological values.

Modern men working in the business world are frequently seen wearing a light green necktie. Because the color used to be predominantly worn by older, authoritative male leaders, younger men are now trying to use the subliminal bias that comes with the color to improve their authority. And they are succeeding! If you are looking for a unique tie that will flatter your personality and bring out the inner alpha in you, a light green tie is a perfect choice.

Light green tie made of silk

A finely striped light green tie made of silk. This one is constantly praised by its excellent price/quality ratio. Light Green Silk Tie, €29.95 EUR

Light green floral tie made of silk

One of the best-sellers on this list is a gorgeous light green tie with a floral pattern. The tie has an ivory base with an overlay of lime and light green flowers. The material is 100% silk. Light Green Floral Tie, €35.95 EUR

5. Green striped ties

Green striped ties on a black suit and blue suit

On the left: Green And Gold Striped Silk Tie, €39.95 EUR

On the right: Green And Blue Striped Paisley Tie, €39.95 EUR

A striped green tie is a widely popular choice by men all around the world. Stripes on a necktie offer a nice twist to the otherwise so normal look. In fact, wearing a green striped necktie often authenticates a clean, formal style that many men are after. A striped tie is also a great way to separate from the crowd in a positive fashion.

Wearing a green striped tie tells something about a man, too. Commonly, men who wear a green necktie with stripes are perceived as bold, daring men with a strong will to push the boundaries and innovate their way onward. Further, a striped green tie is usually seen as a fashion statement.

Green striped neckties go well together with black, blue, and other darker-toned suits. The best occasions to wear them are at work, academic events, weddings, ceremonies, and other formal instances. Whenever you choose to wear one, a green striped tie will complement your style for sure.

Teal and gold striped paisley tie

A fine silk necktie, covered with a teal green base and gold diagonal stripes. The teal is covered in a small paisley pattern to add a luxurious look to the tie. Teal Green & Gold Striped Paisley Tie, €47.95 EUR

Emerald green striped tie

This well-made emerald green striped tie is among the most popular on the list. The subtle stripes are barely visible and they add a nice touch to the necktie. Emerald Green Striped Tie, €39.95 EUR

6. Green floral ties

Green floral ties on a black suit

On the left: Green And Navy Floral Silk Tie, €35.95 EUR

On the right: Green And Red Floral Silk Tie, €54.95 EUR

A green floral tie has gained huge popularity as a style within the past few years. So much so, that floral comes in as the sixth most popular green necktie style on this list. A floral patterned tie means that there are flowers, vine, leaves, blossoms, or similarly styled decorative patterns on the tie.

Green floral neckties commonly symbolize health, resilience, youth, and good fortune. Men who wear a green floral tie are perceived as sympathetic, optimistic intellects with a wide perspective and as having a knack for making money. Furthermore, many business leaders prefer a green floral tie over other styles because it makes them seem more approachable and friendly as opposed to withdrawn and bossy.

A green floral tie goes well with most types of suits, most common being a dark navy suit with a green floral tie. Green floral ties are extremely versatile and suit formal occasions very well. Because of the optimistic, open-minded symbolism that comes with a green floral tie, it can be worn anywhere from a funeral to birthday parties and work events.

Turquoise green floral tie made of cotton

This best-seller is an uplifting smart-casual tie made of 100% cotton. This colorful tie has a turquoise green hue with red and yellow flowers on it. Turquoise Green Floral Skinny Cotton Tie, €19.95 EUR

Black and green floral tie made of silk

This one is for more formal occasions. A dark-toned silk necktie satisfied with a black base and emerald green floral design. Black & Green Floral Silk Tie, €46.95 EUR

7. Forest green ties

Forest green tie on a red suit and a black suit

On the left: Forest Green Tartan Silk Tie, €44.95 EUR

On the right: Forest Green Floral Silk Tie Set, €54.95 EUR

A forest green tie is a very popular choice among men because of their natural, appealing visual presence. Forest green is a color mix that falls between regular green and dark green. It has a warm, earthly tone familiar from the thick wood forests found all over the world.

When it comes to symbolism, a forest green tie represents an unexplored realm full of the unknown, mystery, fortune, vitality, and strength. Men who wear a forest green tie are seen as powerful yet mysterious individuals who are prepared to go the distance to get what they are after. Furthermore, forest green neckties are often worn by men who are well-positioned in the world.

Forest green necktie looks best with a dapper suit and a clean appearance. The color goes well together with purple, so a purple pocket square combined with a forest green tie can upgrade your outfit to the next level with ease. Regardless, a forest green tie is always a nice-looking selection.

Forest olive green tie made of silk

A forest green tie loaded with an olive green hue. This one is among the favorites on this list. The material is a high-quality silk weave that generates a nice glow to the surface of the necktie. Forest Olive Green Silk Tie, €29.95 EUR

Forest green camouflage tie

A forest green tie overlaid with a camouflage pattern. The color scheme is a two-toned green with darker and lighter green come together. Skinny Forest Green Camouflage Tie, €18.95 EUR

8. Green paisley ties

Green paisley tie on a black suit and a blue suit

On the left: Black & Green Paisley Silk Tie, €34.95 EUR

On the right: Green Gradient Paisley Silk Tie Set, €34.95 EUR

A green paisley tie swoops in at the eighth place on the list. As popular as paisley is, it has propelled its way to the top necktie designs during the past decades. The paisley pattern originates from India. The shape is a curved feather-shaped pattern based on the design of an Indian pinecone. Oftentimes, the paisley pattern is mistaken as a floral pattern.

Paisley, and specifically a green paisley necktie, symbolizes fertility, eternity, timelessness, and all life in general. Moreover, a man who wears a green paisley tie is usually perceived as smooth, open-minded intellects with a well-balanced personality. Green paisley is associated with traditional & pro-nature values, as well.

The best green paisley ties for men are often seen worn either with a dark blue or with a black suit. The best events to wear a green paisley tie include weddings, work events, ceremonious family occasions, and other formal happenings. All-in-all a green paisley tie is a great choice for any full-dress events with a dress code of black tie optional, dressy casual, cocktail attire or semi-formal.

Green paisley tie

The standard green necktie completed with a regular paisley pattern covering it. This is the most popular green paisley tie at the moment because of it's high quality and affordable price. Green Skinny Paisley Tie, €18.95 EUR

Green silk tie with golden paisley

A classier necktie finished with a grass-green foundation and an intricate golden paisley pattern. This one is made for men who are looking to showcase their success and wealth through what they wear. Green & Gold Paisley Silk Tie, €54.95 EUR

9. Green polka dot ties

Green polka dot tie on a navy suit and a black suit

On the left: Mint Green Polka Dot Silk Tie Set, €37.95 EUR

On the right: Green Polka Dot Silk Tie Set, €37.95 EUR

A green polka dot tie is a great way to introduce some life into your outfit. There's something about a dotted tie design that makes you want to start dancing and glow positivity. A polka dot pattern on a tie means that the design has dots, usually round-shaped, sprinkled systematically throughout the necktie. The dots can also have different shapes like squares or triangles.

A green polka dot tie symbolizes conclusion, completion, achievement, and action. The dotted pattern is an energetic and dynamic design that raises positivity around it. Men who wear a green polka dot necktie can be perceived as inspirational and funny individuals with a great sense of humor and a life full of happiness.

One of the reasons the polka dot tie is so popular is its versatility. The design can be worn with practically any suit style or color, and it will look great no matter what. The positive vibe around the pattern makes the tie perfect for celebratory events like birthdays, graduations, and other similar events.

Green polka dot tie

The classic green polka dot skinny tie is the clear favorite among men. The simple design and the affordable price appeal to many. Green Skinny Polka Dot Tie, €18.95 EUR

Dark green polka dot tie

A classy, dark green, polka dot designer tie made for the modern gentleman. The small blue dots bring depth and value to this absolutely beautiful necktie. The material is silk and the tie comes with complimentary matching pocket square and cufflinks. Dark Green Polka Dot Silk Tie Set, €38.95 EUR

10. Green silk ties

Green silk tie on a black suit and a wine red suit

On the left: Green Silk Novelty Shark Tie, €36.95 EUR

On the right: Green Persian Paisley Silk Tie Set, €59.95 EUR

Last, but not least, on the list are green silk ties. Silk has been used as a material on clothing and accessories for a long time. The smooth feeling and shiny appearance of silk are what makes it so desirable. Silk also happens to be a highly durable material, which makes it ideal for premium clothing. There is not a better, more prestige, tie than a silk tie. Furthermore, all high-end designer neckties are made of silk.

A green silk tie is the best in its class. A silk tie usually costs anything upwards from $100. Italian silk ties are usually around $150-$250, and designer silk ties can set you back over $300. A green silk tie symbolizes happiness, joy, and inner peace. Men with a green silk tie are perceived as calm and confident gentlemen who know what it means to succeed in life.

A green silk tie goes well with any type of suit. However, darker shades should be used with darker suits and lighter shades with lighter colored suits. Like other cravats on this list, a green silk tie is also a versatile option, and it can be worn to a heap of events. Everything from work to parties is a suitable occasion for a green tie.

Green silk tartan floral tie set

The tartan pattern tie set with small flowers on it is among the most popular green silk ties. The necktie embraces the combination of high-quality silk and different patterns. Green Silk Tartan Floral Tie Set, €39.95 EUR

Green silk dotted novelty tie set

This green novelty tie set is made of top-tier silk. It makes sure you look great, and as a bonus, it comes with a complimentary pocket square and cufflinks. Green Silk Novelty Dotted Tie Set, €34.95 EUR


The list of the most popular green ties has come to an end, and we hope you found the answers you were looking for. To find a variety of affordable men's neckties in many styles, don't forget to visit our men's ties collection.

Thank you for reading!


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