40 Most Asked Men's Fashion Questions Answered

Questions about men's fashion answered

As an international men's accessories store, we get asked a lot of questions regarding men's fashion and accessories. There are men from all over the world having the same questions, and we thought it would be great to share some of the most asked questions here, so you can find the answer as well. So, without further ado, let's get to answering the 40 most asked questions about men's fashion and accessories

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Classy Men's Bracelets by CMC

Are bracelets for guys?

Yes, bracelets are definitely for guys. Men have worn bracelets throughout history, so don't you dare say that bracelets are feminine. Many ancient kings and warriors from different cultures wore bracelets and armbands to show their power and status. Bracelets targeted for guys are usually quite easy to distinguish from bracelets targeted to girls. Often men's bracelets are bulkier, thicker, and not as delicate as women's bracelets. 

Should guys wear bracelets?

If you are a guy who wants to look stylish and classy, then yes, you should wear bracelets. Let's face it, bracelets are not for everyone. Not everyone has the confidence to wear accessories at all. However, if you have followed men's fashion trends even a little during the past years, you must have noticed that bracelets are an important part of the personal style of many men considered to be "trendsetters". In other words, if you want to show that you are confident and that you are in the know of today's fashion trends, wearing bracelets is more than recommendable.   

Are bracelets in style today?

Bracelets are in style today, as they were last year and will be next year. The bracelet trend isn't going anywhere for a good reason. Wearing bracelets is such an easy way to express yourself, your status, your values, and your style. The number of different styles and colors and designs is enormous. There's no way you can't find a bracelet that would be a perfect fit for your style. 

What are the must-have bracelets today?

The must-have bracelets for a modern man are beaded natural stone bracelets, macrame bracelets and leather bracelets stacked. It's best to have classic black as a base color and add a hint of precious metals or colorful details as a contrast. Find a couple of excellent examples below.

Are bracelets worn on which hand?

This one is totally up to you, there are no etiquettes that would prefer one hand over the other. Just make sure not to match your bracelets on both hands. If you wear the same bracelet on both wrists at the same time, it will look dumb. If you have two identical bracelets and want to wear them both simultaneously, wear them both on the same wrist.

Can leather bracelets get wet?

Leather bracelets have some water resistance, but they are not fully waterproof. To make sure your leather bracelet stays in a great shape for a long time, take it off for showering, exercising and other activities that might be getting it wet or sweaty.

There's also a difference in the water resistance of your bracelet depending on whether it's made of PU leather or genuine leather.

PU leather is easier to clean and maintain due to the polyurethane layer that it has on its surface. The polyurethane layer is also the reason why it resists water better compared to genuine leather.

Genuine leather, on the other hand, is more durable but requires a certain amount of care. Getting genuine leather wet can strip the oils from its surface. As the leather dries it can become stiff and hard, losing its pliable and beautiful texture. 

What bracelets to wear with a watch?

You should always wear bracelets that compliment and flatter your watch. Thin and subtle bracelets are great choices with a watch, whereas bulky statement pieces might look too big and may unwantedly steal the show. If the watch and the bracelets contain metal, try to keep them the same (e.g. gold with gold, silver with silver), to create a combination that fits perfectly together. 

I like stacked bracelets but I'm not sure what's too much. How many bracelets can I wear at once?

It depends on the thickness and the type of the bracelets. A great standard rule is that if your bracelet stack is less than 4cm (1,6 inches) wide, you're good. If you have a bracelet that is very massive and thick by itself, it may be better to wear it alone. However, if you're into thin bracelets, you can stack up quite many of them while still being in the safe zone.

Beaded bracelets, macrame bracelets, and thin leather bracelets are great for stacking. You can easily mix and match the perfect combination for you. Usually, the main color is black or brown with some drops of color and precious metals here and there. What you should also consider is mixing different materials, like glossy beads and matte beads. This creates beautiful diversity and makes your bracelet stack look interesting and eye-catching.


Classy Men's Rings by CMC

What is the best finger to wear a ring?

It doesn't matter whether you wear rings on your right hand, left hand or both. Engagement and wedding rings are exceptions, of course.

When it comes to fashion rings, it may be a good idea to stay clear of the ring finger, since it may send out a wrong signal. Pinky finger and thumb are both great for bulky statement rings since they're the outermost fingers. They are often also used by men who want to wear multiple rings per hand, as they are distanced from each other.

You don't want your rings to be in the way or to hinder any normal activities. As the middle finger touches the most used finger, the index finger, it's best to keep rings on it rather small. If massive rings are your thing, you can wear one on your index finger. 

What is considered too many rings?

Because men's rings are usually quite thick and massive, it's best to wear no more than one ring per finger. The most popular combination seems to be two rings on one hand, usually on the index finger and on the pinky finger. You can also wear three rings per hand if you think two isn't enough. Whether you want to wear three rings on one hand and none on the other, or three rings on both hands, it's up to you, both will be fine according to etiquettes. You can also spread the rings out on different fingers however you want. Just remember not to wear matching rings on both hands as it just doesn't look good.

What are the must-have men's rings today?

The trend for men's rings will be elegance combined with a quite massive size. Statement rings will be popular as well as signet rings. A classic band ring is a style that never goes out of style.

Are rings supposed to be a little loose?

A ring shouldn't be too loose but not too tight either, as both will result in making wearing it uncomfortable. A ring should feel comfortable on your finger. The fit is perfect when you feel slight tightness when sliding the ring over the knuckle. The part of your finger where the ring sits is almost always thinner than the knuckle, and this way the ring size feels comfortable and not too tight. On the other hand, if the ring is too loose, it may be in danger of dropping off and getting lost.

It's important to know that the finger size is changing throughout the year, by approximately half a size. The variation depends on the weather conditions and what you eat (i.e. salty foods and hot temperatures cause fingers to swell, cold temperatures and dehydration results in the opposite). When you buy a ring, you should take these things into account. If you buy a ring and measure your ring size during summer, you might want to buy a ring half a size smaller than what you measured, and if you do it during winter, half a size bigger.

Where did rings originate?

It is quite hard to tell the exact origin of rings, but many researchers agree that the rings did originate from the East. Some say the origins come from the Middle-East, and some, like Wikipedia, say they come from Near-East. According to Wikipedia, the oldest rings found date back to circa 2500BC.

Rings became a symbol of marriage in ancient Egypt. The habit of wearing a wedding ring on the ring finger of the left hand was also created there. The ring itself symbolized eternity and the ring finger was chosen because of the vein that runs through it and is directly connected to the heart.


Classy Men's Watches by CMC

Are watches out of style?

The watch trends are evolving and changing, but no, watches are never out of style. Wearing a wristwatch is still a sign of class and sophistication, regardless if you wear a sports watch, a classic mechanical watch, a smartwatch or a simple quartz watch. Because of the extremely wide variety of watch types, even without mentioning all the different designs, materials and colors, it is safe to say that wearing a watch is a great way of expressing yourself and your lifestyle. 

Are watches jewelry?

As the majority of the watch wearing people wear one for its other features than telling the time, you can say that nowadays watches can be considered as jewelry. This has changed since people don't necessarily need a wristwatch to tell the time anymore, as their smartphones will do the trick. 

Should I wear my watch and bracelets on separate wrists or the same?

This is a topic with many many different opinions. We think that a good choice is to have your watch and bracelets in the same wrist and to leave your other wrist bare. This balances out the situation. You can also wear bracelets on both wrists, but just make sure that the full width of your wristwear (watch and bracelets included) is not the same in both wrists. That's a no-no.

When wearing a watch and bracelets at the same time, you might want to choose bracelets that complement your watch instead of stealing the show, as your watch should be the piece that gets most of the attention. Subtle designs, neutral colors and thin width are all great features for these kinds of bracelets.

What are the most popular watches currently?

Two watch styles are popular right now. Men's watches these days are preferred to be either very simplistic and plain or extremely eye-catching and filled with precise details. You should consider getting yourself them both, a simple one for casual occasions and a glamorous one for special occasions. This way you don't get bored, you have a casual watch that you can wear anywhere and you have an easy way to look extra dapper when you want to.

Are watches attractive?

Yes, watches do make men more attractive. This is because wearing a watch and checking the time from it is what gentlemen do. Gentlemen will not bring out their cell phones in the middle of dates, conversations, and formal occasions to check the time, but takes a subtle glance towards their wristwatch. Gentlemen are known for their good manners, and most women highly appreciate it. You can read more about what makes men more attractive from our blog post 5 Accessories That Make Men More Attractive.

Can watches be worn on the right hand?

Yes, you can wear watches on the right hand. What's advisable is that you should wear your watch on your less used hand (the one that's not dominant). This way you'll save the watch from a lot of extra abuse and therefore it stays in a great shape for much longer. The reason why you see watches worn mainly on the left hand is because of the majority (around 89%) of the world's population are right-handed.

Can watches get wet?

It depends on how waterproof your watch is. Watches have different levels of water resistance. If the water resistance rating of your watch is 30m, you would expect it to be safe to dive up to 30 meters, right? Wrong. It's only splash proof, and swimming or diving with it will most likely ruin it. We made a small chart to make it easier to understand the water resistance marks.

washing hands, light rain
showering, hard rain
normal swimming
regular diving
deep diving


Keep in mind that whatever the water resistance level of your watch is, it's recommended for you to get your watch checked at least once a year as the water resistance will reduce over time. And if your watch is not water resistant at all, it's best to keep it as far from water and humidity as possible.


Classy Men's Sunglasses by CMC

Is it fine to wear sunglasses indoors?

No, never. Wearing sunglasses indoors is a plain bad manner, and it only makes you look dumb and arrogant. Wear sunglasses only when you need them, outside on sunny and bright days. This shows that you're smart, gentlemanly and have good manners. The same goes for nighttime, that's not the time to wear sunglasses. If you don't need shelter from the brightness, take your sunglasses off or leave them home. 

Can sunglasses expire or lose polarization?

No, sunglasses can't lose polarization. They might lose their UV protection over time though, which means that sunglasses might "expire" after some time. This is because the current industry tests are not sufficient for determining how long sunglasses will keep their UV protection, therefore it cannot be proved that your sunglasses will stay as good as new forever. You can read more about it here.

How can I find a good pair of sunglasses with good price-quality ratio and value for money?

We would, of course, recommend sunglasses from our collection. We have put in a lot of effort to create a collection of sunglasses with excellent value for money. Our products are of premium quality and the materials are always carefully selected. Find a few of our best sellers below, or visit our whole sunglasses collection here. If you're interested in knowing more about the most popular styles of sunglasses today, this article is the perfect read for you.

Are sunglasses good for you?

Yes, sunglasses are good for you! Wearing UV protected sunglasses is the best thing you can do to maintain the health of your eyes. The sunlight itself is hard to avoid and the rays of the sun can be extremely harmful, so sunglasses should be worn by everybody whenever it's sunny. You can read more about the health benefits of wearing sunglasses from this article by Curejoy

Are sunglasses bad for you?

No, sunglasses are not bad for you nor they will be in the long run. Also, wearing sunglasses when they are not necessary (for example when it's dark or you're indoors) will not harm your vision in anyway, although it's not advisable for other reasons (see the question above). Just make sure that your sunglasses are 100% UV protected. Even with proper sunglasses, avoid looking directly into the sun or other bright lights.

Are sunglasses necessary?

Sunglasses are not necessary, but wearing them is highly advisable. Nothing will protect your eyes like a proper pair of sunglasses, and there's no better way to keep your eyes safe from the harmful rays of the sun.  


Classy Men's Hats by CMC

Are hats bad for your hair or do hats make you bald?

Hats are not bad for your hair and wearing a hat will not cause balding. Some rumors about it have been spread from time to time, but they have been proven to be false and not at all accurate. It's safe to say that you would have to wear a hat so tight it would be impossible to wear to damage your hair or hair follicles. Just take off and put on your hat carefully to avoid ripping and tearing your hair. 

Are hats washable?

It depends on the hats material and a lot of other features. Make sure to check the care instructions for your specific hat before a wash or any other kind of treatment. 

Do hats help with heat?

Yes, hats help with heat and are a great way to protect yourself from the burning sun. If it's a hot sunny day and you're not wearing anything to protect your head, you can quite easily get a heat stroke. To avoid that, make sure to wear a hat whenever it's hot outside. In addition to it giving shelter from the sun's rays, it makes being outside more comfortable because you don't have to squint your eyes so much. You can choose to wear a Panama hat or a fedora if your style is classy, or a cap if your style is casual. Visit our hat collection to find more hats for all styles. 

Are fedoras cool?

Yes, fedoras are cool when worn right. You can't wear some old sweatpants and a tee with hair undone and messy and to expect a fedora to magically make your outfit and you look cool. No, you will need to have your look on point first, and then apply a fedora. A suit or a business casual look are both great with a fedora. Well and properly worn a fedora can make you look extremely attractive, cool and classy. And hey, confident as well, since not everyone has what it takes to pull off a fedora with style. 

Are Panama hats waterproof? 

Panama hats are usually made of thin paper straw. While the material is extremely lightweight and provides an excellent and comfortable shelter from the burning sun, it is not waterproof and not very water resistant either. If you happen to get your Panama hat wet, try to get it to a dry place as quickly as possible, wipe it with a clean cloth and let it dry naturally. 

Are Panama hats made in Panama?

No, Panama hats are originally from and made in Ecuador. The reason why they are called Panama hats and not Ecuador hats is simply because they were widely sold and worn in Panama and not Ecuador. Ecuadorians started making these lightweight straw hats that also looked extremely good in the mid-1800's. Without a lot of potential customers in Ecuador, they decided to go and sell their hats in Panama, a place with a lot of walk-by traffic. The hats were a sensation, they were bought by tourists, locals and even the U.S. Government for their military troops. They were quickly recognized and called Panama hats and they've been called so ever since. 


Classy Men's Belts by CMC

Do I have to match my shoes with my belt, or can I wear a brown belt with black shoes or vice versa?

If you're dressing for a formal event, then yes, you should match your shoes with your belt. Black belt with black shoes, brown belt with brown shoes etc. If you're dressing casual, matching is only optional. If it was mandatory, sneakerheads might have a hard time finding and buying a new belt for every pair of orange, green or purple sneakers they cop. 

Are belts in style?

Belts are always in style since they have a practical purpose. A right type of belt makes your outfit look classier and smarter. When in doubt, go with a classic leather belt, either in brown or black. When dressing formally, make sure your shoes match your belt.

Are belts bad for you?

Belts that are worn right are not bad for you. However, if you wear a too tight belt (or too tight pants), it may cause abdominal problems. Abdominal pressure increases and the flow of your digestive system is disrupted. When you wear a belt, make sure you can comfortably slide two fingers between your waistband and skin to avoid any kind of problems.

Are belts necessary?

Belts are only necessary if your pants are too big on the waist. If your pants fit perfectly, you don't have to wear a belt, but if you do, it makes you look more classy and stylish. 


The Most Asked Questions About Men's Fashion Answered

Can I wear gold and silver simultaneously, or mix other metals?

Traditionally and in most cases, it's best to keep all the metals of the same shade (all gold, all silver etc). However, it's getting more common to see people wear mixed metals. Some do it to create a controversy and to challenge classic etiquettes, some do it because they simply have all their accessories, watches and jewelry in different metals. If all your watches are in gold, bracelets in rose gold and tie clips in silver, it might not be easy to create a working combination if all accessories are required to be matching.

When wearing a suit, which buttons/button should be closed?

This is more important than most know. The traditional suit buttoning rules are very easy to remember. The bottom button should never be buttoned. The one above it should always be buttoned, and if your blazer has a third button, buttoning the uppermost button is optional. So the rule from top to bottom is SOMETIMES, ALWAYS, NEVER. The traditional rules also advise unbuttoning all buttons when sitting down and buttoning the necessary buttons immediately when standing up. This is an easy way to show people that you are classy, pay attention to details and know and respect the etiquettes.

I want to look classy and neat in the office but a suit is too much. What do you recommend to be worn with jeans, khakis or chinos?

A dress shirt or a dapper sweater would be a perfect fit with jeans or chinos at the office. If the office gets chilly during winter time, you can also wear a dress shirt with a v-neck sweater on top. Three to five different dress shirts and a couple of sweaters will get you a long way. On top of that, just make sure your shoes are neat, and you're good to go.

I want to start wearing accessories but I don't know where to start. Can you help me?

A good way to start implementing accessories to your day-to-day looks is to get a well-fitting pair of sunglasses, a watch, a couple of bracelets and a set of suit accessories. 

Nearly everyone owns a pair of sunglasses as it is important to protect the eyes on sunny days. The other question is if they like to wear them or not. The biggest reason for people to hate wearing sunglasses is that they don't own a good pair. Make sure you know which sunglasses style works best for your face shape. If you have no idea, see our guide about How To Choose The Best Sunglasses For Your Face Shape. After that's clear, you can go shopping. It's best to start with one neutral-colored, classy and timeless pair, and to later upgrade the collection over time.

A watch is also a very important part of a man's style, and in many cases, it tells a lot about the wearer to others. You can either get a watch that fits all situations or a casual watch for casual occasions and a special one for special occasions. 

Suit accessories are almost as important as the suit itself. You don't need much to start with. A tie, a pocket square and a pair of cufflinks will be enough. After you've got used to wearing the basics, you can start playing with different colors and materials, and you can introduce bow ties, tie clips, and lapel pins to your style as well.

On top of the previously mentioned, we recommend getting yourself a couple of bracelets that suit your style. Bracelets are a jumpstart from basic to stylish. Wearing a bracelet makes you stand out from the plain ground as it is not something all men wear. There are so many different bracelets out there on the market, that it is easy to find a bracelet that you like. When you've worn bracelets for a while and you start feeling like they are a part of your style, you are ready to move on to wearing other men's accessories, like rings and hats. 


Thank you for reading this article. We hope you found the answer to your question and we hope you enjoyed your time here. If you'd like to read more articles about men's fashion, style, and accessories, go ahead and see if you can find anything you like from our related blog posts below.


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