The Most Popular Styles Of Sunglasses Today

The Most Popular Styles Of Sunglasses Today

Sunglasses are a useful tool for blocking out the sun and protecting your eyes from its harmful rays during the summertime. They are used all around the world. In the early 1920s and '30s, when they were first introduced to the world, they used to be a "tool" for protecting the eyes, but have since then been modernized into a fashion accessory. Today, sunglasses are mainly used as an accessory rather than a protection. The protection is a side product of a cool looking accessory. Some people go as far as buying cheap knockoff sunglasses without any real UV protection for a couple of bucks from a beach shack, leaving their eyes unprotected. We always recommend buying your sunglasses from a reputable seller to be sure about the UV protection and quality.

Nowadays it's getting easier and easier to find stylish sunglasses at affordable prices. But it isn't that simple to determine what styles of sunglasses are in fashion today, or what styles would fit you the best. You can find a huge variety of different sunglasses online sold by hundreds of brands. From all the possibilities out there, it can get quite difficult to know what is in fashion today and where can you get the most bang for your buck. Some styles look cool and casual, some look expensive and formal. We at Classy Men Collection are all about affordable accessories and want to bring the best quality available to you at the lowest price point, regardless of the style. Below you will find a list of four popular styles of sunglasses today and a couple of nice examples below each category. This enables you to see what different types of sunglasses are under each style.

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1. Round Sunglasses

Round sunglasses are a major hit in the current fashion industry. As an original trailblazer in the development of sunglasses, the round shape has always been a pleasure to the eye. They provide an impeccable photogenic look, regardless of the shape of your face. You can find a lot of celebrities and artists wearing round shaped sunglasses in public. The round style is timeless and looks good in both casual and formal outfit styles. The style also referred to as John Lennon sunglasses became popular during the '60s and '70s. During the 21st century, the style has re-peaked and has become one of the leading styles of sunglasses around the world. Just scrolling through Instagram fashion pages you can quickly find several pictures that have round sunglasses included. Just under the hashtag #roundsunglasses you can find over 43,000 posts. If you are looking for a simple, photogenic look with a timeless layout, you should consider round sunglasses.

You can find round sunglasses easily and, depending on where you buy them, they usually do not come with a high price tag. The most popular colors are plain black, gold and silver, although many casual styles use colored lenses to bring character to their outfit. We've listed a few classy rounded sunglasses below for you to see. If you want to see more, make sure to visit our men's sunglasses collection or women's sunglasses collection.

2. Vintage Sunglasses

Vintage sunglasses have been a thing for a while already. With the rise of social media and Gen Z taking over Instagram and Twitter, vintage sunglasses are only going to gain popularity. On Instagram, the hashtag #vintagesunglasses gives +129,000 hits, giving further evidence about the popularity of vintage glasses today. It is not too easy to find authentic vintage sunglasses for affordable prices, but you might stumble on to a lot of pairs, produced today, that are made to look like 60's glasses. In fact, these might be a better alternative since they are, almost without exception, in prime condition, not to mention more affordable, in comparison to authentic worn out sunglasses. Vintage sunglasses come in a lot of shapes and sizes since fashion 40 years ago was not as evolved as it is today. You can also see colored lenses more often using reddish or yellowish tints rather than the popular black lenses.

Vintage sunglasses are widely popular amongst both men and women. If you are looking to add an edge to your style, vintage sunglasses are something you should look into. Thankfully, we can give you a few suggestions at affordable prices and top of the notch quality. You can find our list of affordable vintage sunglasses below. Make sure to use the code CLASSYSUNGLASSES for a nice 15% discount from any of the sunglasses found on this page.

3. Beach Sunglasses

Traveling is an increasingly popular treat that a lot of people enjoy. A lot of the most visited destinations have hot, sunny weather along with clear water and beautiful beaches. Beach sunglasses are one of the most popular items inside a traveler's backpack when visiting places like these. In fact, over 80% of people who enjoy warm holidays, own a pair of beach sunglasses. So, should you buy yours from a stand next to the beach? -No. Like we covered at the beginning of this post, you want to be sure that your sunglasses have UV protection to keep your eyes safe. You can find UV protected sunglasses at an affordable price, but beach stands are notorious for selling ones with knockoff brands and plastic lenses. Stay away from those, and get yours from a reputable seller before you travel to your destination.

Beach sunglasses should have polycarbonate lenses because it offers great durability and clear vision along with a natural UV protection. If the lenses are made out of glass, the sand easily scratches the lenses, making them unusable after a week spent by the beach. Frequently used frame materials include wood, metal, plastic, and carbon fiber. Commonly, beach sunglasses might have neutral-colored temples and frames, paired up with black or, sometimes, brightly colored lenses. One of the most common lens colors is blue. Although this type of sunglasses is called beach sunglasses, they refer to as durable, versatile sunglasses that do not break easily and offer decent protection from the sun. These types of sunglasses are often fairly affordable and are used with casual, laid-back outfits. We've listed some examples of affordable beach sunglasses below. If you are looking for a nice pair of beach sunglasses, make sure to check them out. If you want to see more, make sure to visit our men's sunglasses collection or women's sunglasses collection.

4. Classic Sunglasses

Of course, our list can't ignore the good classic sunglasses. These styles have been around throughout the ages. Classic sunglasses have been in the fashion for a long time varying from a neutral to very fashionable, depending on the year. They continue to be at the top with the most sought-after looks from all of the sunglasses out there. Classic sunglasses include a few different looks, all of which are very recognizable. One of the styles is wayfarer type sunglasses. They typically consist of rounded square lenses with frames covering 360 degrees of the lenses, combined with solid semi-wide temples. This is by far the most standard look that any pair of sunglasses possesses. The second style is clubmaster sunglasses. They are a slightly fancier version of the wayfarers. Same structure as with the wayfarers, except that the frames only cover the top of the lenses, leaving the bottom half completely frameless. Also, the temples are a bit more delicate, making them look a bit different from the standard style. Third, and the last part of the classic sunglasses is pilot sunglasses, also known as aviator sunglasses. Their main characteristic is large roundish lenses with nearly pointy bottoms. This type is often worn by the cool guys or just guys who think they're cool. Moreover, this clubmaster style definitely belongs to the group of classic sunglasses. For women, cat-eye sunglasses are very much a classic at its finest. Cat-eye sunglasses typically have pointy outer upper corners, and otherwise rounded lenses combined with slim temples.

Classic sunglasses can be found in all price ranges. The wayfarer look is considered to be the most affordable of the three styles, followed by the pilot and clubmaster sunglasses, in that order. If you are looking for a nice all-around pair of sunglasses that will suit most events, classic sunglasses are the way to go. They are the best-known styles out of all sunglasses and therefore will not draw attention to you the same way a pair of gold, star-shaped sunglasses would. If you fancy a classic look and like to avoid gaining too much attention, you should consider buying classic designs. We've listed a few nice affordable classic sunglasses options below, have a look.

Quick Summary

To recap this article, our list of the most popular sunglasses today included four styles; Round, Vintage, Beach, and Classic sunglasses. Obviously, there are a lot more different styles to select from but, in our opinion, these are the ones you should at least consider as an option before just buying something. Remember that you can get a nice 15% discount on all the sunglasses on this page by using code CLASSYSUNGLASSES at checkout. Thank you for reading this article. We hope you have a shady year!


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